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  • desaparecido76 8:59 pm on December 7, 2009 Permalink |
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    Augmented Reality and Visual Search 

    I’ve been playing around with some augmented reality applications on my iPhone lately. I recommend Layar or Wikitude that are both free. Layar has a search application: I submit a query and then look through the iPhone camera.Layar: Augmented Reality

    If I’m in Toronto and searching for apartments for rent – I just look through my camera using Layar. If I am backpacking through the Rocky Mountains I can open Wikitude. Using GPS and the compass it can tell me the locate different peaks when I look through the camera.

    Google also just realised a visual search for android devices – which uses some of the same concepts:

    Imagine when we can build this technology into glasses. As you walk down the street you will be able to customize layers of technology with reality. siiick

    • drtyneedels 3:00 am on December 8, 2009 Permalink

      they are doing some really cool stuff with AR these days. Cant wait for my googleAR eye inplant

    • perpetuallyphil 1:59 am on December 10, 2009 Permalink

      ummmm, is no one else scared about this?!!!!! we spend enough of our time in front of screens today, do we really need them all the time? yikes.
      i seriously have this internal battle with myself about this. when will we have time to talk and interact face to face (not facebook to facebook) or to ask for directions and meet a stranger? what if i was gonna meet my wife when i needed to ask about a good local place to eat, but i passed her by on the street corner cause i google googled and yelp told me where all the hipsters eat….? i am just saying…. if my friend community shrinks as my virtual community rises, i might have to go live in a cave. i like people. there i said it. 🙂

    • desaparecido76 2:02 pm on December 10, 2009 Permalink

      I’m definitely scared. I recently had a dream that google at me. (no joke!!) I just don’t how to fight it.

  • oneshowatatime 7:35 pm on November 12, 2008 Permalink |
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    Google Uses Searches to Track Flu’s Spread 

    From a new article in The New York Times…


    • perpetuallyphil 9:50 pm on November 12, 2008 Permalink

      too bad there arent tons of computers in africa, we would have seen a spike in search terms for hunger, AIDS and poverty long ago….

      this is really cool tho. its like google is the global pulse. the raw data is crazy. when watching currenTV on cable or satellite (not internet) they show real time search trends in the world. its interesting to see what people are all looking at.

    • homad 7:07 am on November 13, 2008 Permalink

      noticed this Google thing on the front page of new york times I believe. Seems similar to the infamous webbot that predicts essentially predicts the future, originally created to analyze the economy…but then started predicting things like 9/11, anthrax, earthquakes etc..

    • deadindenver 7:01 am on November 14, 2008 Permalink

      i was as well soaking about the webbot that has been predicting future events by what people have been typing into google….

      What is google using al this data for?

      could the flu be an indicator of different socio/economic/cultural characterisics in a population such as west eurp or USA? Who uses this info?

      PWR you were talking about chrome being the butts nutts….what do you think about “google voice and video”??

    • deadindenver 7:07 am on November 14, 2008 Permalink

    • perpetuallyphil 9:19 pm on November 14, 2008 Permalink

      i think that with all of this stuff and expanding technological capabilities…. it all depends on the intent. i mean this info can be a tool of great good or of total evil. we could see people that are ‘sick’ out-grouped or find ways to quickly help.

      info privacy is necessary unless you can trust the compilers. if we were one organism working together, shouldnt we share everything? find group solutions? in current regime its scary, in future if we were fully governed together and put people in charge that we believed in, what leaps we could make. long way to go….

    • deadindenver 2:26 am on November 16, 2008 Permalink

      i agree about the intent…the point i raise is however a comment towards the intent of the anglo-saxxon ethno-centeric corporate governance projects who are funding these projects, where do you think there head is at….?

      i can almost 100% say its for profit generation or exploitation.

    • deadindenver 2:29 am on November 16, 2008 Permalink

      how can we: pressured into a marginalized woebegone corner use our good/anyomous intent to offset theirs when under it all they still control the data?

    • homad 10:42 am on November 16, 2008 Permalink

      I think google video is great, as it doesn’t have the silly time limitations like Youtube does (even though now, Google owns youtube haha) so it’s kind of off putting to me when people say oh, that’s on youtube or you can watch it on youtube, when I think they should be saying, you can watch it on google, but whatever….

      Google voice is going to bring on a faster evolution of speech recognition which is already incredibly advanced at this point in my opinion. As far as recording everything, well, at least (my intuition tells me) that the NSA doesn’t have a lot of control over Google servers, and let’s keep it that way. The guys running Google are supposedly relatively young, incredibly revolutionary (duh), and support the open source movement to help spread knowledge to the masses. Their connection to whatever library is wonderful that they are allowing them to take every book and scan every page despite all the lawsuits that are probably still going on (cuz the legal system is retarded). Converting books to digital form is ok in my book…. no pun intended 😉

      has anyone actually seen one of these in person

      I think I saw one person with one once, MAYBE

    • deadindenver 6:34 am on November 17, 2008 Permalink

      my mom has this very model…got it for her birthday…ive messed with it a few times its pretty clear….i could make some improvements to it easily i feel….PWR im serious about launching our own torrent site exclusivly for books/and or incorporate a txt book only section onto what….must talk later and in person

    • perpetuallyphil 3:56 am on November 18, 2008 Permalink

      free data… then how do the authors have money to eat food?
      i mean i am down, but money and mortgage motivates creation of a lot of this stuff. how does that fit?

      that book display is super sick also

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