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    The end is near… 


    of oil that is.

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      This is sooooo cool.

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    Is there an echo in this here cosmos? 

    Dark Power |  Grand Designs for Interstellar Travel | Newscientist 2009

    SPACE is big,” wrote Douglas Adams in his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.”

    He wasn’t exaggerating. Even our nearest star Proxima Centauri is a staggering 4.2 light years away – more than 200,000 times the distance from the Earth to the sun. Or, if you like, the equivalent of 50 million trips to the moon and back.

    Such vast distances would seem to put the stars far beyond the reach of human explorers. Suppose we had been able to hitch a ride on NASA’s Voyager 1 the fastest interstellar space probe built to date. Voyager 1 is now heading out of the solar system at about 17 kilometres per second. At this rate it would take 74,000 years to reach Proxima Centauri – safe to say we wouldn’t be around to enjoy the view.

    So what would it take for humans to reach the stars within a lifetime? For a start, we would need a spacecraft that can rush through the cosmos at close to the speed of light. There has been no shortage of proposals: vehicles propelled by repeated blasts from hydrogen bombs, or from the annihilation of matter and antimatter. Others resemble vast sailing ships with giant reflective sails, pushed along by laser beams.

    All these ambitious schemes have their shortcomings and it is doubtful they could really go the distance. Now there are two radical new possibilities on the table that might just enable us – or rather our distant descendants – to reach the stars.

    In August, physicist Jia Liu at New York University outlined his design for a spacecraft powered by dark matter (arxiv.org/abs/0908.1429v1). Soon afterwards, mathematicians Louis Crane and Shawn Westmoreland at Kansas State University in Manhattan proposed plans for a craft powered by an artificial black hole (arxiv.org/abs/0908.1803).

    No one disputes that building a ship powered by black holes or dark matter would be a formidable task. Yet remarkably there seems to be nothing in our present understanding of physics to prevent us from making either of them. What’s more, Crane believes that feasibility studies like his touch on questions in cosmology that other research hasn’t considered.

    Fuel as-you-go

    Take Liu’s dark matter starship. Most astronomers are convinced of the existence of dark matter because of the way its gravity tugs on the stars and galaxies we see with our telescopes. Such observations suggest that dark matter outweighs the universe’s visible matter by a factor of about six – so a dark matter starship could have a plentiful supply of fuel.

    Liu was inspired by an audacious spacecraft proposed by the American physicist Robert Bussard in 1960. Bussard’s “ramjet” design used magnetic fields generated by the craft to scoop up the tenuous gas of interstellar space. Instead of using conventional rockets, the craft would be propelled by forcing the hydrogen gas it collected to undergo nuclear fusion and ejecting the energetic by-products to provide thrust.

    Because dark matter is so abundant throughout the universe, Liu envisages a rocket that need not carry its own fuel. This immediately overcomes one of the drawbacks of many other proposed starships, whose huge fuel supply greatly adds to their weight and hampers their ability to accelerate. “A dark matter rocket would pick up its fuel en route,” says Liu.

    Read On..

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    Nassim on Coast to Coast 


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    Update: more pics at Crop Circle Connector

    The vast pattern appeared in the field last week and experts are claiming it to be the first of its kind in the world.

    Karen Alexander, a crop circle expert, said: “We have seen butterfly and bird patterns in the past, but this is the first jellyfish crop circle in the world.

    “It is absolutely huge – roughly three times the size of most crop patterns and extremely interesting. People have been aghast at the size of it. It is a complete monster.

    “We are looking into the meaning of it, but at present it just seems to have appeared out of nowhere.”

    Crop circle theorists known as ‘croppies’ – believe the patterns are created by UFOs during nocturnal visits, or caused by natural phenomena such as unusual forms of lightning striking the earth.

    But it has been proven the patterns can be easily created artists.

    Last year a crop circle described as the most complex ever to seen in Britain was discovered in a barley field in Wiltshire.

    The formation, measuring 150ft in diameter, was a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi.

    Michael Reed, an astrophysicist, said: “The tenth digit has even been correctly rounded up. The little dot near the centre is the decimal point.

    “The code is based on 10 angular segments with the radial jumps being the indicator of each segment.

    “Starting at the centre and counting the number of one-tenth segments in each section contained by the change in radius clearly shows the values of the first 10 digits in the value of pi.”

    Telegraph UK

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    The Resonance Project….BLOG!!! 

    Nassim @ 14

    Nassim @ 14

    Nassim Haramein is now blogging….Thank Tetragrammaton

    You can also become friends with him on Facebook

    He actually updates multiple times a day

    It’s fuckin tight


    Nassim and Orus Torus Haramein

    Nassim and Orus Torus Haramein

    If you like these things Graham Hancock has a nice newsfeed here as well.

    Really stoked for Earth Pilgrims to come out as well..They postponed release to include Nassim.

    • sonicoutlaw 8:49 pm on March 25, 2009 Permalink

      Hey, whats the update on his publishing his theories?

    • Evan 057 3:09 am on March 26, 2009 Permalink

      Yay! Shred Nassim Haramein! Thanks for the update on TRP Tallbridge. That Earth Pilgrims movie looks interesting too!

    • deadindenver 8:03 am on March 26, 2009 Permalink

      i think he just published another paper in the last week or so – mainly, like everyone else, he is searching for capital to go on with his projects tho

    • deadindenver 8:03 am on March 26, 2009 Permalink

      nice pic find TAKA 🙂

    • homad 12:12 am on March 30, 2009 Permalink

      “like everyone else, he is searching for capital to go on with his projects tho”

      everyone send some capital(thought energy) to Nassim 1.2.3…

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    Upgrade the Brain matter – Webmynd 

    WebMynd makes Google better by personalizing it with the information sources that you most value. You can embed different search tools, search your WebMynd browsing history and your most frequently visited sites. Some people call the WebMynd browsing history a DVR for the web – it saves and records the pages you see online so you can find what you have seen before faster:

    I had just written a little note today on Facebook moments before I found this Firefox ext. Webmynd.

    ” Is there something didactic in the ways in which the internet exercises our minds, meaning – what is the benefit of having to skim through unlimited amounts of information while simultaneously having to make conscious decisions about truth and reality? My profile right now is a picture of the internet – yes like a graph – mapping out all the data points on the web that we know and illustrating their “physical” connection – yet we know that its is all in fact just streaming 1′ and 0’s (fuck him/her or don’t fuck him/her)

    An interesting philosophical view presented by a physicist named Nassim Haramein says that the human organism is the link between the largest things in the universe and the smallest…and if we take this idea and say that we each are perceiving the field of reality – taking in its information, which is in fact all just light – and then translating it into ourselves, or minds, hearts, bodies and souls – then each of is it not in anyway insignificant in the big scope of things – that we are all in fact equal and all one.

    But this isn’t to say people cannot be given kudos based on merit, because those who put forth the effort to take in more information, are in fact applying themselves much more to the universe.

    In todays day and age, technology offers us some luxury…Right now I do not farm, or clean, or walk everywhere and i have the time to sit around on the computer every once in a while.

    And when I do this, i just surf around a realm of manipulated light which offers information streaming directing from the minds of billions of human organisms around the world….Interestingly, this is somewhat of a illustration of telepathy via external technology. Multicontextual media is standard now on the internet, with links, and everything else. Anyone can create a small brain on a subject for others to understand or ignore.
    The internet, then, is letting us feed the universe with entirely new sets of information collectively, amplifying – perhaps exponentially – our potential for new realities.”

    Webmynd gives you on the side of your google shred, the search results of a whole other bunch of areas from Amazong to Wikipedia to Delicious and whatever.  Then down in the bottom right of Firefox you click the play button and it has a record of your recent webactivity graphically and lets you search the whole thing.
    Certainly some privacy issues…but not much place to hide in surveilling society anyway. Peace
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    UFO Files 

    Could get lost in here for days…

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      If your not familiar with the Oct. 14th Fiasco, look it up, cool stuff. Soon enough America will finally release a lot more of their information (like other countries have done). I follow UFO phenomena quite a bit as I have had 5 different orb experiences (all in Denver)..
      Check out http://www.realufos.net/
      and http://www.mufon.com/

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