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  • Ms.Wonderland 8:56 pm on February 1, 2012 Permalink |
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    • Restless Grin 5:00 am on February 3, 2012 Permalink

      makes me want to play with some infinite beauty 🙂

    • zabba 7:22 pm on February 3, 2012 Permalink

      “i wish i could talk in technicolor”

    • Sampson 6:02 am on February 14, 2012 Permalink

      That was pretty epic. To bad it ended in a commercial for a book. I would probably read it though. It changed the vibe though.

  • zabba 10:28 pm on July 29, 2010 Permalink |
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    Excerpt From Go Ask Alice 

    For you who have never read this book, it’s a personal diary of a 15 year old girl growing up in the late 1960s. This is her entry describing her first drug experience.

    July 10
    Dear Diary,
    I don’t know whether I should be ashamed or elated. I only know that last night I had the most incredible experience of my life. It sounds morbid when I put it in words, but actually it was tremendous and wonderful and miraculous.
    The kids at Jill’s were so friendly and relaxed and at ease that I immediately felt at home with them. They accepted me like I had always been one of their crowd and everyone seemed happy and unhurried. I loved the atmosphere. It was great, great, great. Anyway, a little while after we got there Jill and one of the boys brought out a tray of Coke and all the kids immediately sprawled out on the floor on cushions and curled up together on the sofa and chairs.
    Jill winked at me and said, “Tonight we’re playing ‘Button, Button, Who’s got the button?’ You know, the game we used to play when we were kids.” Bill Thompson, who stretched out next to me, laughed, “Only it’s just too bad that now somebody has to baby-sit.”
    … Everyone sipped their drinks slowly, and everyone seemed to be watching everyone else…
    Suddenly I began to feel something strange inside myself like a storm. I remember that two or three records had played since we had had the drinks, and now everyone was beginning to look at me. The palms of my hands were sweating and I could feel droplets of moisture on my scalp at the back of my neck. The room seemed unusually quiet, and as Jill got up to close the window completely I thought, “They’re trying to poison me! Why, why would they try to poison me?”
    My whole body was tense at every muscle and a feeling of weird apprehension swept over me, strangled me, suffocated me. When I opened my eyes, I realized that it was just Bill who had put his arm around my shoulder. “Lucky you,” he was saying in a slow-motioned record on the wrong speed voice, “But don’t worry, I’ll baby-sit you. This will be a good trip. Come on, relax, enjoy it, enjoy it.” He caressed my face and neck tenderly, and said, “Honestly, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” Suddenly he seemed to be repeating himself over and over like a slow-motioned echo chamber. I started laughing, wildly, hysterically. It struck me as the funniest, most absurd thing I had ever heard. Then I noticed the strange shifting patterns on the ceiling. Bill pulled me down and my head rested on his lap as I watched the pattern change to swirling colors, great fields of reds, blues and yellows. I tried to share the beauty with the others, but my words came out soggy, wet and dripping or tasting of color. I pulled myself up and began walking, feeling a slight chill which crept inside as well as outside my body. I wanted to tell Bill, but all I could do was laugh.
    Soon whole trains of thought started to appear between each word. I had found the perfect and true and original language, used by Adam and Eve, but when I tried to explain, the words I used had little to do with my thinking. I was losing it, it was slipping out of my grasp, this wonderful and priceless and true thing which must be saved for posterity. I felt terrible, and finally I couldn’t talk at all and slumped back onto the floor, closed my eyes and the music began to absorb me physically. I could smell it and touch it and feel it as well as hear it. Never had anything ever been so beautiful. I was a part of every single instrument, literally a part. Each note had a character, shape and color all of its own and seemed to be entirely separate from the rest of the score so that I could consider its relationship to the whole composition, before the next note sounded. My mind possessed the wisdoms of the ages, and there were no words adequate to describe them.
    I looked at the magazine on the table, and I could see it in 100 dimensions. It was so beautiful I could not stand the sight of it and closed my eyes. Immediately I was floating into another sphere, another world, another state. Things rushed away from me and at me, taking my breath away like a drop in a fast elevator. I couldn’t tell what was real and what was unreal. Was I the table or the book or the music, or was I part of all of them, but it didn’t really matter, for whatever I was, I was wonderful. For the first time that I could remember in my whole life, I was completely uninhibited. I was dancing before the whole group, performing, showing off, and enjoying every second of it.
    My senses were so up that I could hear someone breathing in the house next door and I could smell someone miles away making orange and red and green ribbed Jell-O.
    After what seemed eternities I began to come down and the party started breaking up. I sort of asked Jill what happened and she said 10 out of the 14 bottles of Coke had LSD in them… Wow, am I glad I was one of the lucky ones… I drifted off into a seasick type of sleep, wrapped in a general sense of well-being, except for a slight headache that probably was the result of long and intense laughing. It was fun! It was ecstatic! It was glorious!… So I’m glad they did it to me, because now I can feel free and honest and virtuous about not having made the decision myself.

    • bredstik 11:56 pm on July 29, 2010 Permalink

      check into the history of this book….

    • zabba 7:21 pm on July 30, 2010 Permalink

      interesting… I haven’t finished the book and since posting, the story has gotten increasingly grandiose. even so i enjoy the description

    • chiheezie 9:54 pm on August 5, 2010 Permalink

      Dang! I haven’t read this book in years!!!!! Book def getting troubling..

  • tallbridge 10:09 am on February 14, 2010 Permalink |
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    [caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width… 

    Martin Hoffman

    • krammark 6:28 am on February 15, 2010 Permalink

      sick. ❤ martina's work. and roberto.

  • thedarkcleft 7:47 pm on November 17, 2009 Permalink |
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    Happy Birthday Ellis Dee!! 

  • oneshowatatime 10:17 pm on November 16, 2009 Permalink |
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    LSD is a helluva drug 

  • thedarkcleft 7:24 pm on November 5, 2009 Permalink |
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    Movie Night Tomorrow? 

    Starring George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Ewan Mcgregor…and a goat.

    About the Army’s tests with LSD to create soldiers with superpowers. Based on Jon Ronson’s non-fiction book through the accounts of Dr. James S. Ketchum.

    • cheesepleas 8:13 pm on November 8, 2009 Permalink

      Anybody see this yet? Any good?

  • perpetuallyphil 8:24 am on August 22, 2009 Permalink |
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    mexico legalizes it ~ish 

    “Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin [LSD too] on Friday — a move that prosecutors say makes sense even in the midst of the government’s grueling battle against drug traffickers. Prosecutors said the new law sets clear limits that keep Mexico’s corruption-prone police from shaking down casual users and offers addicts free treatment to keep growing domestic drug use in check…….”


    full story

  • tallbridge 12:45 am on July 16, 2009 Permalink |
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    Historical Know-Hows 


    If anyone has noticed yet, we are more or less responsible for maintaining accuracy in our own personal history books regarding some of the events that have happened in our lifetimes in which further information has been released through the mycelial 2.0 network but has reluctantly traversed as far as the mainstream.

    These nodes of information are infact enzymes and digestive juices which help support the recycling of dead and dying organisms back into the soil in order to give future life forms more the ability to take further novel forms.

    Via Times Online:

    It is surely the biggest Big Brother project yet conceived. India is to issue each of its 1.2 billion citizens, millions of whom live in remote villages and possess no documentary proof of existence, with cyber-age biometric identity cards.

    The Government in Delhi recently created the Unique Identification Authority, a new state department charged with the task of assigning every living Indian an exclusive number. It will also be responsible for gathering and electronically storing their personal details, at a predicted cost of at least £3 billion.

    The task will be led by Nandan Nilekani, the outsourcing sage who coined the phrase “the world is flat”, which became a mantra for supporters of globalisation. “It is a humongous, mind-boggling challenge,” he told The Times. “But we have the opportunity to give every Indian citizen, for the first time, a unique identity. We can transform the country.”

    In light of this recent news it is important to note the unprecedented support the United States gave India in regards to its nuclear program which resulted in the transaction of billions of dollars of nuclear technology as well as no obligation to sign the beloved Non-proliferation Treaty.  Only weeks after this agreement was concluded (which had been brewing for nearly four years, spear-headed by George W. Bush) the tragic Mumbai attacks occcurred in which terrorist subjects `injected themselves with LSD` and went on a killing rampage.  Consequently, the Indian government opened its equivalent to the Department of Homeland Security.

    End of transmission.

    • perpetuallyphil 7:46 pm on July 16, 2009 Permalink

      is there a difference between accuracy and framing? can one ‘accurately frame’ something to create the most benefit and still be grounded in the reality of the universe? who is to decide what is actually going on and what lens is correct to view the universe? what does social justice mean?

      these are my questions, and also, my statement.

  • perpetuallyphil 1:43 am on May 18, 2009 Permalink |
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    • chiheezie 9:22 pm on May 24, 2009 Permalink

      Laughter and climbing trees, sounds about right!! Right on! (=

  • perpetuallyphil 6:34 am on December 15, 2008 Permalink |
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    • homad 8:42 am on December 15, 2008 Permalink

      lol!!! oh the memories. My first time, I stared at my face reflection on a microwave window(with those little holes in it) for about 20 minutes

    • deadindenver 8:53 am on December 15, 2008 Permalink

      What is it like to look in the mirror, and see a vision looking back that is not the face you have always had? Dinoire lamented, “It will never be me.”

    • absolutelylovely 4:11 pm on December 15, 2008 Permalink

      “ain’t life grand?!”

      ‘matthew thompson, security code 5232…’

    • deadindenver 8:07 pm on December 15, 2008 Permalink

      does anyone else thiink acid boy looks like mac?

    • chiheezie 9:05 pm on December 17, 2008 Permalink

      This video cracks me up! The first time a saw this I thought of Caroline and I looking in the mirror at our glittered eye lids hahaha! This guy also makes the strangest music! There is one where he touches one key every shot and makes a masterpiece.

  • tallbridge 5:44 pm on October 26, 2008 Permalink |
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    Incredible Documentary: Psychonauts (2007) 

    Filmed in Hungary, in a very classic documentary/interview format, documenting the incredibly intelligent responses from advocates of the psychedelic experience in Hungary.

  • tallbridge 1:05 am on September 11, 2008 Permalink |
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    St. Albert & the Revelations Revolution 

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