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  • homad 5:27 am on April 19, 2011 Permalink |
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    amazing! they are s’posedly growing “perfect” diamonds now. Bring on the new era of computer

    “However, the life-span of the diamond chip is not ” permanent and remote ” ,But long enough, the physicist of IBM research center of Almadé n fills in base of a fruit of Bath and fits Rose Sebastian Loth Say, ” only takes several milliseconds, it is enough for you to do several million times of operations.” -http://voip/-video.org/?p=1084

  • oneshowatatime 7:21 pm on April 13, 2010 Permalink |
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    Technology is a face-melter 

    This is a 3D Scanner designed by NextEngine. It scans any 3D object, creates a model on your computer, and then using a printer that would impress Captain Luc Picard, it creates an exact functional plastic replica of the original object. The implications for this are endless. I’m going to scan all my friends and print 3D models so we can shred all the time.

    The NextEngine 3D Scanner - Click for Demo Video

    • oneshowatatime 1:12 am on April 14, 2010 Permalink

      Sorry, just realized my link was bunk! I just fixed it, so the video is there now if you click on the image. I just spoke to Aaron Johnson who some of you know–apparently they just got one of these at the bio-medical engineering firm he works at. Baller.

  • Ms.Wonderland 4:15 am on March 18, 2010 Permalink |
    Tags: , Christian Waldvogel, future   

    A Piece of Earth Moved to the Sky 

    Library of the Future by Christian Waldvogel, avant-gardge artist and architect


  • thedarkcleft 4:33 am on March 14, 2010 Permalink |
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    • michaelgarfield 2:33 pm on March 14, 2010 Permalink

      Yeah, this has been floating around for YEARS! WHERE’S the actual series???

  • perpetuallyphil 12:43 am on October 9, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: abundance, , , , , , future, , , venus project, zeitgeist   

    NEW zeitgeist movie 

    i am fully impressed by the next installment in the zeitgeist educational movie world. these pictures, ideas and quotes are really imporant and expansive. there is a great expilanation of the for-profit economy that has led to our current financial “disaster” first, followed by ideas for a more inclusive and expansive future.

    i do, however suggest critical thinking (like blog peeps need encouragement) because these arguments are one sided for sure. not that the ends of sustainability and abundance are not good or real, but more that there are many means to reach such ends. in any case, its nice to see some ideas for solutions instead of fear mongering cynicism. please check it out if ya got some time.

    • tallbridge 6:46 am on October 9, 2008 Permalink

      fucking glorious man….GLORIOUS

      im starting a new project…i’ve got a few things goin on I’ll try my best to keep you all posted on…here’s the beginning


      (I used blogspot cause wordpress for some reason wouldn’t let me throw the poll on there)

      so much to talk about…SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT

      this movie changes everything tho…completely accessible…and perfect timing…lets go lets go lets go…if you’re wondering what somebody else is doing you’re wasting time

    • untamedyawp 7:33 pm on October 9, 2008 Permalink

      great success
      very nice
      i like

      i have the avi file and would love to share in the shred share server if i wasn’t completely clueless as to the protocol of untzing the shakespeer….


    • tallbridge 2:21 pm on October 10, 2008 Permalink

      yeah people can also grab the AVI file from google vid….anyone w/ dvd burners should hit it up….any email lists your on, reply to all….and get chalk…fucking chalk wherever the hell you are

      “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

    • homad 9:12 pm on October 10, 2008 Permalink

      just sent you an email untamedyawp…couldn’t remember if u told me a username/password yet. if you did then your set. if not, then reply to my e-mail. I know the tutorial looks daunting but it is rather simple….Our server/hub address is telos.no-ip.com:411 that is all u really need to know to be able to connect and start sharing.

  • perpetuallyphil 6:20 pm on August 22, 2008 Permalink |
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    i see the future 

    “Humans can see into the future, says a cognitive scientist. It’s nothing like the alleged predictive powers of Nostradamus, but we do get a glimpse of events one-tenth of a second before they occur.”

    full story

    • zabba 5:50 am on May 7, 2011 Permalink

      crazy, I like the theory.

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