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  • homad 9:53 pm on November 29, 2010 Permalink |
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    • ajnakashic 8:11 pm on November 30, 2010 Permalink

      Well, I mean, I don’t see a ‘No Littering’ sign.. do you? They.. I mean we; We uhhh, need a sign.

      Really though, everyone can do their part. Clear away excess personal baggage. That way, the translocal ‘you’ doesn’t get their bags lost during the long flight through time/space/infinity and litter in the universe.

  • perpetuallyphil 6:29 pm on October 10, 2010 Permalink |
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    10/10/10 Work Parties from 350.org 

    Dear World,

    It’s been a tough year: in North America, oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico; in Asia some of the highest temperatures ever recorded; in the Arctic, the fastest melting of sea ice ever seen; in Latin America, record rainfalls washing away whole mountainsides.

    So we’re having a party.

    Circle 10/10/10 on your calendar. That’s the date. The place is wherever you live. And the point is to do something that will help deal with global warming in your city or community.

    We’re calling it a Global Work Party, with emphasis on both ‘work’ and ‘party’. In Auckland, New Zealand, they’re having a giant bike fix-up day, to get every bicycle in the city back on the road. In the Maldives, they’re putting up solar panels on the President’s office.  In Kampala, Uganda, they’re going to plant thousands of trees, and in Bolivia they’re installing solar stoves for a massive carbon neutral picnic.

    Since we’ve already worked hard to call, email, petition, and protest to get politicians to move, and they haven’t moved fast enough,  now it’s time to show that we really do have the tools we need to get serious about the climate crisis.

    On 10/10/10 we’ll show that we the people can do this–but we need bold energy policies from our political leaders to do it on a scale that truly matters.  The goal of the day is not to solve the climate crisis one project at a time, but to send a pointed political message: if we can get to work, you can get to work too–on the legislation and the treaties that will make all our work easier in the long run.

    Find a local event here: http://www.350.org/en/map (zoom in to see that there are thousands of events in many regions)

    There are things going on in most big cities (boulder and san fran included) and they look spectacular and encouraging.

    • Sampson 12:57 am on October 16, 2010 Permalink

      I would argue that these aren’t climate solutions… they are pollution solutions… if you want to argue that CO2 is heating up the planet you have to find a way to explain why the rest of the planets in the solar system are heating up.

  • absolutelylovely 9:51 pm on June 11, 2010 Permalink |
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    Mycoremediation and Its Applications to Oil Spills 


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    D e a t h by ______ 

    Solidarité from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

  • oneshowatatime 6:39 pm on February 19, 2010 Permalink |
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    180° SOUTH 


    • thedarkcleft 1:29 am on February 20, 2010 Permalink

      Can’t wait to see this.

    • oneshowatatime 1:33 am on February 20, 2010 Permalink

      yup, says “Coming 2009,” but they actually just held the premiere screening last week. should be cool, chris malloy makes awesome films.

    • rageologist 3:25 am on February 20, 2010 Permalink

      Strange. I just saw “Let my people go surfing” on a book shelf at work and thought “I need to read this right now.”

    • absolutelylovely 5:15 am on February 20, 2010 Permalink

      mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes

  • absolutelylovely 8:37 pm on February 4, 2010 Permalink |
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    check out these sloths 


  • perpetuallyphil 6:54 am on January 31, 2010 Permalink |
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    didn’t know we had so much in common ;) 

    “All industrial nations, mainly the big ones, are responsible for the crisis of global warming,” the latest tape says.

    “This is a message to the whole world about those who are causing climate change, whether deliberately or not, and what we should do about that.”

    The tape criticises the administration of former US President George W Bush for not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on combating climate change.

    “Bush the son, and the [US] Congress before him, rejected this agreement only to satisfy the big companies.”

    The tape also urges a boycott of the US dollar. “I know that there would be huge repercussions for that, but this would be the only way to free humankind from slavery… to America and its companies.”

    -osama bin laden, 2010


    “The world is held hostage by major corporations, which are pushing it to the brink,” he said. “World politics are not governed by reason but by the force and greed of oil thieves and warmongers and the cruel beasts of capitalism.”

    To stop global warming, he called for the “wheels of the American economy” to be brought to a halt. “This is possible … if the peoples of the world stop consuming American goods.”


    • untamedyawp 6:54 pm on January 31, 2010 Permalink

      sounds like the cia is trying to quell post avatar consciousness in their ‘afgan’ studios.

  • perpetuallyphil 6:53 pm on September 28, 2009 Permalink |
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    farmers marketing 

    • untamedyawp 2:47 am on September 29, 2009 Permalink

      if this was facebook i’d give this video a thumbs up fo sho.

  • perpetuallyphil 4:52 am on September 18, 2009 Permalink |
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    a new world ordered? 

    “For Hayek, a market was a personal voyage of discovery. Malthus once told Ricardo to be wary of becoming too attached to abstract ways of thinking. Keynes believed in “animal spirits.” Schumpeter sensed a brutal dynamic of “creative destruction” at the heart of capitalism. Heilbroner sternly warned economists to abandon their “suicidal formalism” if they wanted to progress … but such crunchy, philosophical insights into the soul of economics have largely been lost on the last few generations of its practitioners. For 50 years they’ve been rationalizing human behavior, sanitizing their models and trying their best to turn economics into a mathematically driven exact science like physics.

    Now the old guard is under attack by students and scientists from other disciplines for its profound disconnect from reality. The logic freaks of neoclassical economics are in retreat … the old certitudes are crumbling. Economists are being forced to admit that their understanding of nonlinear, real-world systems is frail at best and that their abstract models have limited value. Everything, from banking, financial regulation and credit, right down to the bedrock fundamentals – growth, freedom, happiness, progress – are now being rethought. The profession is entering an almost Nietzschean period of creative destruction. Here are some of the tectonic mindshifts now underway:

    • A theoretical shift from free market back to Keynesian economics. The idea that governments should step aside and let markets regulate themselves has been publicly, viscerally discredited.

    • An aesthetic shift in the tone, style and spirit of economics. The abstract number cruncher, alone in his tower, lost in the abstraction of models – that dusty Apollonian archetype – is dead.

    • An operational shift: After years of self-imposed isolation, economists are finding inspiration in psychology, environmental science, design, philosophy and art.

    • An existential shift: Before last year’s meltdown it was considered heresy to question the wisdom of growth. Now economists are coming out of the closet and doing exactly that: openly proclaiming infinite growth cannot be sustained on a finite planet. This is the most far-reaching, penetrating paradigm shift imaginable – a monumental mindshift on par with what Einstein’s relativity did to physics. It points to what is perhaps the most exciting and intractable problem of our time: how to create a sustainble economy that does not feed off nature. It heralds the beginning of a debate that will occupy the best minds on the planet for centuries to come: How to manage our planetary household – how to live and be happy – without crashing Gaia?   “

    —– from adbusters.org

    good thing there have been plenty of wonderful ideas for a long time. try any.

    • perpetuallyphil 5:41 am on September 18, 2009 Permalink

      When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a long time.
      At last one moonlit night she was carrying water in an old pail bound with bamboo. The bamboo broke and the bottom fell out of the pail, and at that moment Chiyono was set free!

      In commemoration, she wrote a poem:

      In this way and that I tried to save the old pail
      Since the bamboo strip was weakening and about to break
      Until at last the bottom fell out.
      No more water in the pail!
      No more moon in the water!

      ~zen proverb

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    more pics

    • Living exterior wall system (irrigated with recycled graywater/rainwater)
    • Green Roof with half comprised of a highly productive vegetable garden
    • Solar array that supplies almost all of the entire structure’s electrical needs
    • Radiant in-floor heat
    • Combination high efficiency hot water boiler that provides in-floor radiant heat and hot water
    • Central staircase doubles as a chimney to draw cooling breezes through the house
    • On-demand hot water (reduces water usage)
    • Recycled cotton and spray foam insulation
    • Low-flow fixtures
    • Non-toxic/Low VOC finishes
  • tallbridge 3:20 am on June 11, 2009 Permalink |
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    China Hemp: “The King of All Natural Te… 

    China Hemp: “The King of All Natural Textiles”

    • krammark 3:34 am on June 11, 2009 Permalink

      had hemp milk on cereal this am. u can make anything out of that stuff.

    • deadindenver 10:12 am on June 11, 2009 Permalink

      Plant a little patch of hemp? Alaska? Colorado? China?

    • waterling 7:29 pm on February 24, 2010 Permalink

      I was just looking in the enviro-tag to find some green building designs (big DC meeting yesterday on medical marijuana dispensaries in 2011 –> need growing spaces –> now looking into incorporating alt energy for growing…) anywaaaays Max do you know the deal with hemp in china? potentially awesome (and hectic) project right here.

  • tallbridge 7:56 pm on June 10, 2009 Permalink |
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    Peruvian Indigenous Rights Under Threat…. 

    Peruvian Indigenous Rights Under Threat….again – via Avaaz:

    The Peruvian government has pushed through legislation that could allow extractive and large-scale farming companies to rapidly destroy their Amazon rainforest.

    Indigenous peoples have peacefully protested for two months demanding their lawful say in decrees that will contribute to the devastation of the Amazon’s ecology and peoples, and be disastrous for the global climate. But last weekend President Garcia responded: sending in special forces to suppress protests in violent clashes, and labelling the protesters as terrorists.

    These indigenous groups are on the frontline of the struggle to protect our earth — Let’s stand with them and call on President Alan Garcia (who is widely known to be sensitive to his international reputation) to immediately stop the violence and open up dialogue. Click below to sign the urgent global petition and a prominent and well-respected Latin-American politician will deliver it to the government on our behalf.


    More than 70 per cent of the Peruvian Amazon is now up for grabs. Giant oil and gas companies, like the Anglo-French Perenco and the North Americans ConocoPhillips and Talisman Energy, have already pledged multi-billionaire investments in the region. These extractive industries have a very poor record of bringing benefits to local people and preserving the environment in developing countries – which is why indigenous groups are asking for internationally-recognized rights to consultation on the new laws.

    For decades the world and indigenous peoples have watched as extractive industries devastated the rainforest that is home to some and a vital treasure to us all (some climate scientists call the Amazon the “lungs of the planet” – breathing in the carbon emissions that cause global warming and producing oxygen).

    The protests in Peru are the biggest yet and the most desperate, we can’t afford to let them fail. Sign the petition, and encourage your friends and family to join us, so we can help bring justice to the indigenous peoples of Peru and prevent further acts of violence from all parties.


    In solidarity,

    Luis, Paula, Alice, Ricken, Graziela, Ben, Brett, Iain, Pascal, Raj, Taren and the entire Avaaz team.


    1. Civilians and police killed: Human rights lawyers accuse the government of a cover-up, BBC, 10 June:


    1. Civil Society Condemns Massacre of Indigenous People in Peru, 8 June:


    1. On Peru’s rift over economic policy and the controversial free trade agreement with the US , Reuters, 9 June:


    1. Research Article: Oil and Gas Projects in the Western Amazon: Threats to Wilderness, Biodiversity, and Indigenous Peoples, M. Finer et al:


    1. Oil companies ‘should withdraw’ as Peru ‘faces its Tiananmen’, Survival International, 8 June:


    1. Peru’s Amazon oil deals denounced, BBC News, 3 February:


  • oneshowatatime 6:23 pm on April 29, 2009 Permalink |
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    Cap and Trade Explained 

    Just found a great explanation of the proposed “cap and trade” system for CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions from President Obama’s recent Earth Day speech in Iowa.

    “And here’s how a market-based cap would work: We’d set a cap, a ceiling, on all the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that our economy is allowed to produce in total, combining the emissions from cars and trucks, coal-fired power plants, energy-intensive industries, all sources.”

    “And by setting an overall cap, carbon pollution becomes like a commodity. It places a value on a limited resource, and that is the ability to pollute. And to determine that value, just like any other traded commodity, we’d create a market where companies could buy and sell the right to produce a certain amount of carbon pollution. And in this way, every company can determine for itself whether it makes sense to spend the money to become cleaner or more efficient, or to spend the money on a certain amount of allowable pollution.”

    “Over time, as the cap on greenhouse gases is lowered, the commodity becomes scarcer — and the price goes up. And year by year, companies and consumers would have greater incentive to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency as the price of the status quo became more expensive.”

    “What this does is it makes wind power more economical, makes solar power more economical. Clean energy all becomes more economical. And by closing the carbon loophole through this kind of market-based cap, we can address in a systematic way all the facets of the energy crisis: We lower our dependence on foreign oil, we reduce our use of fossil fuels, we promote new industries right here in America. We set up the right incentives so that everybody is moving in the same direction towards energy independence.”

    From TerraPass blog: http://www.terrapass.com/blog/posts/obama-the-explainer

  • perpetuallyphil 3:05 pm on March 12, 2009 Permalink |
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    combine this with the new obama tax credits for solar power and you have money coming back to you in just a few years (or less).

    ¨Englert Environmental has unveiled an integrated metal roofing system that can deliver much of the energy, heating and water needs of the average American home without tapping into local utility resources.
    The new rooftop system provides electric power, hot water heat and water for outdoor and indoor uses all in a single package.
    Englert’s UltraCOOL Energy Star and LEED compliant standing seam metal roof system is a pivotal component in providing electric power and thermal heat as well as rainwater for lawns and landscaping, vehicle cleaning and laundry and toilet flushing.
    Resource-saving technologies included with a single Englert standing seam metal roof include:

    + Englert’s SunNet solar standing seam roof with Building Integrated Photovoltaics using quarter-inch thick laminates that are virtually invisible and provide all the electric energy the average home requires year round.

    + A solar thermal system mounted under the Englert Solar standing seam roof which draws heat from the roof and transfers it to the home’s hot water system. The roof and thermal technology are self-regulating, preventing overheating and can even be used to heat roofs to rid them of snow and ice.

    + Three rainwater harvesting solutions that integrate Englert’s Kynar-coated standing seam roof, Englert LeafGuard and Gutter Tunnel leaf protection systems and three compact residential rainwater harvesting kits that capture 225, 400 and 1,700 gallons of water for non-potable uses including landscape irrigation, vehicle cleaning and non-potable household uses such as toilet flushing and laundering.
    The Englert Kynar-coated roof does not leach and Englert’s line of leaf protection systems including LeafGuard and Gutter Tunnel eliminate much of the debris that channels into conventional gutter systems before it reaches the filtering systems and containment tanks included in surface and underground rainwater harvesting systems.
    A single Englert Environmental-sponsored project utilizing all of its metal roofing, rainware and solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies can earn more than 15 U.S. Green Building Council LEED credits.
    Englert Environmental projects also qualify for federal renewable energy investment tax credits, state-specific financial incentives including rebates, incentives, grants and state credits, accelerated depreciation tax benefits, Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) and net income from electric power purchase agreements.
    All of the roof-related technologies can be incorporated during new construction or as retrofits to existing homes and are perfect for light commercial applications as well.¨


  • tallbridge 1:26 am on January 7, 2009 Permalink |
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    Rahm Emanuel: “Universal Civil Service”

    Henry Kissinger: “New World Order”

    The U.S. Economy: The Philosopher’s Stone

    Terrorists could use “insect-based” biological weapon:
    “Flying Syring” mosquitos , other ideas get Gates Funding:
    Stonehenge was giant concert venue:
    Harry Potter: To know the future, return to the past (crystals and crops)

    Earth Pilgrims postponed till 2009 for Nassim Haramein:

    Larry King: Did UFO’s dismantle weapons defense?

    Federal Reserve Refuses to Say where $2 trillion have gone:
    The Bush Amin Continuity Plan:

    “We found injections containing traces of cocaine and LSD left behind by the terrorists and later found drugs in their blood,” said one official.

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