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    amazing! they are s’posedly growing “perfect” diamonds now. Bring on the new era of computer

    “However, the life-span of the diamond chip is not ” permanent and remote ” ,But long enough, the physicist of IBM research center of Almadé n fills in base of a fruit of Bath and fits Rose Sebastian Loth Say, ” only takes several milliseconds, it is enough for you to do several million times of operations.” -http://voip/-video.org/?p=1084

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    The near future of Computers 



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    Microsoft Surface 

    Kind of a lame application for it (sellin’ cars), but this interface could be really sick. Wonder if it will ever become a PC replacement or if it’s destiny will remain mostly in commercial/marketing applications?



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      ok, maybe i posed that question too literally. my homie trains professional musicians how to use Lemurs and other JazzMutant products as a hobby (well, i’m sure he gets paid bank for it: http://vimeo.com/2659276). I was thinking more in terms of the reality of me having a mac or pc with this type of touchscreen capability in the near future (realistically).

      is there any point? will it catch on? is it going to be the hottest thing since minidisc players?

    • desaparecido76 3:28 pm on November 6, 2009 Permalink

      I noticed at the beginning of the video it credits razorfish – which was only recently bought by MS. They’ve done some cool things in the past – I just hope that Remdond does ruin them.

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    Psystar Computers 

    I’ve been fairly unaroused by Apple recently.  Although I got an iPhone, there’s definently some things about it that I’m a little disapointed in.  Its a little slow, vibration is weak, and I’ve just been seeing more and more scare tactics coming from the Apple office.  The weirdest thing is banning other Web browsers to use on your iPhone along w/ the Google voice.

    I’m still down w/ the OS though, and seeing as I was about too potentially buy in iMac or a Macbook Pro, I’m pretty stoked I just found this….


    Quick Overview

    Our Open(Q) features the latest technology in Intel processors to give our customers an affordable, reliable computer capable of running the OS X operating system. We preinstall OS X on our Open Computers so that you can begin to use your machine right out of the box. Our basic configuration is ready for office-related tasks and web-surfing but the configuration for our systems can go from a mild-mannered desktop to a powerhouse. You can upgrade your GPU to a GeForce 9500GT which can play most modern games. Equipping an Intel Core2Duo, clocked at 3.0GHz will greatly enhance gaming as well as photo editing and other processor-intensive operations. With our custom configurations you can buy the Open Computer that suits your needs.
    *Monitor not included

    22″ monitor is 250 too

    • tallbridge 12:02 pm on August 3, 2009 Permalink

      Just found out iPhones have supposedly been catching fire when hooked up to car chargers

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    • perpetuallyphil 5:05 pm on August 4, 2009 Permalink

      its pretty lame how closed apple is… they are the only big tech company i can think of that tries to keep everything “in house.”

    • homad 7:59 pm on August 5, 2009 Permalink

      Yeah, throughout my life I have switched back and forth from appreciating what Apple does. So it comes down to MASSIVE corporations like banks/Microsoft/Google/Apple ….well, they of course need our respect for what they are.
      I am writing this on a Mac Pro, and I should have ideally researched the motherboard a little bit more…as I thought running SLI (dual nvidia video cards) would be simple (like a PC)…in addition..the f’n mobo’s digital sound card doesn’t work in XP! So I got another soundcard for XP (I always use a stripped down hacked version of XP and boot into OSX when I want to get creative with video/sound/imagery) …So, what I’m getting at is…having 8-cores and the ability to add like 64mb of ram is cool, but I could have saved a lot more money and gotten just as functional of a computer if I built it myself (and still put OSX on it haha)

      Anyone wanna come down for Quakecon ? !!! http://Quakecon.org

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    Strolling through Second Life with brain waves 

    Via ScienceDaily:

    On 7th June 2008, Keio University succeeded in the world’s first demonstration experiment with the help of a disabled person to use brainwave to chat and stroll through the virtual world.

    The research group led by Assistant Prof. Junichi Ushiba of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University applied the technology “to operate the computer using brain images  released last year and succeeds in enabling a disabled person suffering muscle disorder (41 year old male) to stroll through “Second Life®*”, a three-dimentional virtual world on the Internet, to walk towards the avatar of a student logged in at Keio University located 16km from the subject’s home, and to have a conversation with the student using the “voice chat” function.

    I just found out about this school about a month ago and was extremely interested in it.  They just began in 2008 a graduate program of Media Design which I am assuming where this came from.  I was really into this message from their Dean.

    Prof. Masahiko INAKAGE
    Dean, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University

    Media Innovators

    We are witnessing the emergence of a “creative society”, a world in which creativity, rather than productivity or efficiency, is the driving force of the global economy. “Creativity” is the ability to produce new ideas, expressions and processes.  Creative activities move and inspire the human mind.

    The Graduate School of Media Design was established to train the new leaders who will pioneer industries suited to the creative society. The abilities and products of the individual are paramount in this world; this is a society in which consumers have the potential to lead creative activities. The content of the creative society is rooted in very down-to-earth, day-to-day activities like parenting and cooking. Our confidence in our ability to be creative is an important factor in its emergence.

    In the 21st century, the emergence of digital technologies has reduced the impediments to human creativity. As these impediments are eliminated, our industrial foundations are changing; the potential for a creative society is now emerging. Fifty years ago, industry began to introduce digital technology as a means of improving productivity and rationalizing distribution. The growth of the Internet, increasing computer processing power and decreasing prices empower us to utilize this technology to change the foundations upon which our lives are built. Today, virtually anyone can, very easily, engage in the same creative activities that were only open to the world’s top creators during the industrial age of the 20th century. We now have a society in which we are able to make unrestricted use of our individual abilities. Nothing illustrates this more than the world of the Internet, where users freely create and distribute to the world their own content.

    The industrial revolution was followed by the distribution revolution, and the next stage of the process is the creativity revolution. The way in which we produce value is changing, for it is now produced from cultural and social resources rather than only natural sources.  The creative society brought about by this revolution is using a foundation of advanced digital technology to redistribute resources on a global scale and to restore creativity to human beings. Technological progress produces value from creative activities in everyday life and increases the number of creative individuals. The internet has eliminated the barriers to redistribution of cultural and social resources, enabling them to flow freely. We enjoy the expressions of others and express ourselves as well by using, sharing, and distributing these resources. There are more resources available for use and more indications of the potential for new economic activities. Creativity has become a valuable activity within our day-to-day lives.

    For all that, we cannot state with any certainty that the creative society has actually been achieved yet. We still lack enough creative people. All human beings have creative potential and the ability to transform their creativity into value. The digital revolution in particular has the potential to dramatically expand human creativity. At the Graduate School of Media Design, we call the people who will lead the coming creative society “media innovators”, and we aim to educate this new category of worker.

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