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  • perpetuallyphil 9:52 pm on August 26, 2009 Permalink |
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    Democracy Unlimited 

    these peeps are doing some cool stuff up here in Humboldt and elsewhere. glad to get to learn from them in my upcoming internship.

    Resist the dominant program

    • waterling 2:20 pm on August 27, 2009 Permalink

      fooook ya. lots of good stuff going on there it seems.
      i keep imagining populist uprisings in the redwood forest…a la robin hood and the sherwood forest?

    • waterling 6:10 pm on August 27, 2009 Permalink

      reading about this then thinking about the role of civil society in general, we’re really lucky to live in america, despite all the problems it has going on, people can basically do what they want and fight against whatever systems they see as unjust, and really can change the way things operate when the passion is there. in sooo many other parts of the world people won’t even talk about politics or the dominating power (ie the multinational corporations crushing the local economies everywhere), let alone actually have an organized group to represent the majority of the people. por ejemplo, human rights groups and civil societies are banned from ethiopia. banned.

      that being said, don’t really know what to think about when civil society in Mali is so active to block a law that would state that ‘women are no longer required to obey their husbands, instead husbands and wives owe each other loyalty and protection.’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8223736.stm

    • perpetuallyphil 5:52 am on August 28, 2009 Permalink

      it IS amazing that we have the freedom to enact change in our country and even abroad as citizens of this country. positive things have happened so many times, and often it starts with just a handful of people and eventually tips over into widespread trends. we have come a long way, have a long way to go..
      the danger tho, is that in a lot of ways our power as citizens is really limited and becomes more so on a regular basis. we often have the illusion of freedom in this country, i think, and without some changes to the fundamentals of our society, idea sets and government, we will be chasing our own tail to eternity….

      that said, i am glad that are still avenues to persue and positivity to manifest. it starts local and next thing you know, its global. entonces, cambio es posible y riquisimo!
      smile power!
      (that mali shit is crazy, but its how democracy works. thats the key diff between it and representitive government, right taka?)

  • tallbridge 6:53 am on January 23, 2009 Permalink |
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    Black Guy Asks Nation for Change 

    Still my favorite article of 2008….

    CHICAGO—According to witnesses, a loud black man approached a crowd of some 4,000 strangers in downtown Chicago Tuesday and made repeated demands for change.

    “The time for change is now,” said the black guy, yelling at everyone within earshot for 20 straight minutes, practically begging America for change. “The need for change is stronger and more urgent than ever before. And only you—the people standing here today, and indeed all the people of this great nation—only you can deliver this change.”

    Enlarge Image Black GuyThe black guy is oddly comfortable demanding change from people he’s never even met.

    It is estimated that, to date, the black man has asked every single person in the United States for change.

  • perpetuallyphil 9:49 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink |
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    are you together? 

  • perpetuallyphil 4:33 pm on October 18, 2008 Permalink |
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    “I do not want to talk about what you understand about this world. I want to know what you will do about it. I do not want to know what you hope. I want to know what you will work for. I do not want your sympathy for the needs of humanity. I want your muscle.” – Robert Fulgrum

  • perpetuallyphil 12:41 am on October 11, 2008 Permalink |
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    is it the END, or just the BEGINNING? 

    something is happening, thats for sure. lets get active on some front.

    here is a comment i lifted from current.com

    another perspective:

    “USA alone will have a total bail out of 2.8 Trillion… The 700 Billion only covers the banking system to a balance of zero. Short Sales, Loan Modifications/Audits, and Foreclosures will continue for the next 36 to 48 months. 

    The FOUNDATION of the USA economy is REAL ESTATE… Lending to 1st time buyers is key, re-introducing buyer assistance/seller contribution will kick-start the economy moving forward and steady. 

    A single real estate purchase has a positive ripple affect, employing at least 14 different entities, and so forth… 

    The bottom line- if you have the funds, and you are a solvent buyer, purchase real estate; TODAY! 

    The USA has one of the lowest prices in Real Estate in the WORLD… 

    Stable/Solvent Banks, and Investors/Investing Firms are buying Real Estate Loan Packages from .18 cents to .25 cents on the dollar. 

    Once these notes are purchased, The New Mortgagee/Bank call the Mortgagor/Borrower telling them their home loan/mortgage will be modify at a lower and permanent rate, but not the Principal… They are making a large profit. Why? They bought the notes for peanuts. 

    Here is an opportunity for individuals to do the same on a smaller scale. 

    I recommend the following steps: 

    1. JOIN FORCES with trusted investors, friends, and or family members forming an LLC or even a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). By doing this you will pool more funds and your risk will be lower. 

    2. Hire the best Realtor in the region, where you plan to invest. Remember every market/region will be different. In other words, the actual Real Estate Market will vary from City to City across the USA. 

    3. Buy Real Estate between .50 cents to .75 cents on the dollars. In Regards, to Short Sales, most banks will not sell no less then 81% to 83% of the actual Real Estate Market… Then again, you never know; right? 

    4. Don’t believe the negativity of the mass media. 

    5. Remember to study your market, before Real Estate purchase commence. 

    When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! 

    This is the time where novice investor(s), solvent investors, the rich, the wealthy, the millionaires, the billionaire’s jump to the next level… 

    The USA Real Estate Market is the best in the world. 

    Global investors are buying left and right in the USA! 

    So, what is your Excuse?”

    • homad 3:13 am on October 11, 2008 Permalink

      Any thoughts on selling a house in the DU area….I need to do that ASAP … Also, support PWR Worldwide LLC by hitting up OrgoneArt.com 😉

      I am also starting a company with two friends that is going to revolutionize the internet. As soon as beta is available I will invite you all to join in on the fun…Obviously when I’m rich I will give 95% of my wealth back to the planet.

    • homad 3:17 am on October 11, 2008 Permalink

      I’m listenning to this Lee Coombs mix and this song (with a pretty rad rolling bassline) came on with a guy saying “it has no beginning and it has …no end” waooahhh waohhh waohhh ch ch waooahhh wamp wamp

      Said it before.. I don’t believe in coincidence 😉

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