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    Hexagons are in all sorts of places across the universe, the bees make them, and there is a hexagon on the north pole of Saturn (the south pole is a spinning vortex)
    From Masonic ritual, the bee hive, “is an emblem of industry, and recommends the practice of that virtue to all created beings, from the highest seraph in heaven to the lowest reptile of the dust. it
    teaches us that as we came into the world rational and intelligent beings, so we should ever be industrious ones, never sitting down contented while our fellow creatures around us are in want, when it is in our power to relieve them without inconvenience to ourselves.” – http://www.scribd.com/doc/29302196/Masonic-Rituals-Fo-the-Grand-Lodge-of-Alabama#stats

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    Natural Beeing 

    Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt

    Initially intending to uncover a greater perspective on the symbiance between human and the honeybee throughout recorded history, realization surfaced within the preliminary research of the given focus.  The current state of this inter specie relationship is quite different from originally thought.  Relational magnification gives new light to this direct interaction and relays an understanding approaching a parasitic classification.  The limiting factors created by the modern commercial apiculture, restrict the natural processes of this planet and therefore prevent integral gain of the honeybee population. In order to strengthen this the overall vitality of both beings, we must initially develop this understanding and then seek further insight to the honeybee consciousness upon which we have initiated this direct interspecies relation.

    Capturing the Swarm

    To begin, a greater understanding of the relation poised between human and honeybee must perpetuate.   Within recent the periods of time, the interaction of these two beings has evolved to the commercial human practice of extracting the majority of the honeybee hive vital energy supply each season, an action within human society that warrants arrest, fine, or other punishment!  This particular action creates a rather large limiting factor for the honeybee.  Removing such an abundance of hive wellbeing and minimally supporting the livelihood of the honeybee specie creates inevitable upset in the delicate balance required by all relationships within planetary law.  Additionally human action of maintaining a particular queen within an individual hive creates another evolutionary restrictive factor.  Within the hive there are three archetypes:  the fertile female known as the queen, the worker bee members including both female and male, and the fertile male members as drones.  Specifically, when a new queen emerges within the hive, the worker bees’ senses awaken, and becoming infuriated at the presence of an individual emanating a higher intensity vibration of Sun energy, the workers swarm out of the hive.  The sensory response to the new queen can be likened to that experience humans have when first experiencing the bioluminescence of particular members of the fungi kingdom on a dark and peaceful night within a dense and healthy forest ecosystem.   Specifically, the worker honeybees are looking at a creature filled with new sunlight and seem to be blinded by the intensity. This awakening process involves a complexity of anatomic process within the honeybee sensory perception.  The worker honeybee has two little eyes on each side of the head as well as three tiny ones in its forehead.  In addition, within the honeybee lies a gland containing poison, which is attached to a barbed duct.  The poison stored within the gland is only enough to cause swelling in most humans but is powerful enough to kill smaller animals.  The poison is released at a constant rate into the worker honeybee’s body in tiny amounts and has blinding effect on the tiny triad of eye structures in the center of the head.  The worker honeybee finds relief from effects of the poisons in the presence of higher intensity Sun energy, the new queen.  The workers awaken from their state of consciousness and make a hasty retreat from the hive.  Current apiculture response to this phenomenon would be to remove the new queen, collect the swarm of workers, and reestablish the preexisting queen. These seriously detrimental human practices remove natural selection, providing a temporary bounty for the human participant, but when the overall relationship is reexamined, we find an amazing imbalance.  Rudolph Steiner first presented this insight in 1923; specifically challenging the harmful practices and predicting future demise of the honeybee.  Now, almost a century has since elapsed, and we can reassess these then “irrational” predictions and find valuable truths.  The fact sixty percent of the American honeybee population has vanished within the last decade is clear proof of this interspecies relation imbalance.  By restricting the natural selection pressures of the honeybee, humans exhaust the overall vitality of that specie initially for an immediate benefit.  This immediate “benefit” becomes even more interesting when the cost is examined.  A loss of any Earth specie is an immeasurable loss to all beings inhabiting this planet, especially such a specialized creature as the honeybee.  The natural beneficiaries of the honeybee are located in most of the Earth’s inhabitable land surface and rely on the relationships held with the honeybee.  Such beings are responsible for completing some of the vital elemental chemical processes for the human specie, and more specifically, all beings existence.  Without these tiny specialized creatures, our very environments will suffer immeasurable loss and severe damage.  Now, before limiting this interspecies relation to such a dire conclusion, consider the capabilities of the human consciousness.  Unlocking the greater human consciousness is the key to understanding the foils within these relationships, amending our interactive method, and combining life with a greater activated precision towards the ultimate benefit of this planet.  As Terrence McKenna wonderfully states, “You can stand back and look at this planet and see, that we have the money, the power, the medical understanding, scientific know how, the love, and the community to produce a kind of human paradise.  Culture is not your friend!  (Audience, ‘Whaoo!’)”  Using the inherent human capabilities to uncover the infinitely available, all-encompassing cosmic knowledge, solutions will be unveiled by examining the intricacies contained within the honeybee consciousness.

    Archetypal hive members

    Anatomy of the Honeybee

    Additionally, relational basis between honeybee and human has evolved upon one essential component; the state of consciousness held within the intricacies of the honeybee hive.   To achieve a symbiotic relationship, humans must seek a higher understanding of this extremely sophisticated system of invertebrates.  The honeybee is a very specialized insect, collecting nectar and pollen with the greatest of ease, either to be stored within the hive or consumed. The honeybee body structure has enveloped upon a communal connection it holds with the very structures of the plants love life.  Through this very action much life depends, some for fertilization, others being granted an evolutionary kiss from nature, adding vitality to the specie.  An interesting case that an animal such as the honeybee collects and utilizes an extremely refined substance from nature within the hive as sole sustenance.  Additionally, the honeybee synthesizes the food into the wax material from which the worker bee constructs vertical columns of laterally layered hexagonal chambers created for the storage of sustenance or developing offspring.  These hexagonal receptacles have been ingeniously selected for the extreme efficiency at which the space within the hive construct is utilized, therefore creating a naturally perfect internal design.  The design holds an even greater significance when understanding the development of the actual members of the hive.   Within this six-sided chamber the larvae emerge from egg and develop to full anatomic capacity.  The most sensitive phases of the honeybee life are held inside the hexagonal structure.  The developing larvae internalize the vessel structure while body cells are softest and the hexagonal, geometric energies are then assimilated from within the adult as each worker member constructs new chambers for the hive and to facilitate all other types of work as well.  An amazing process, proving environment as cause for all honeybee externalized activity.  The queen, another of three hive archetypes, functions as the only fertile female.  While all other members of the hive develop within these fascinating hexagonal vessels, the queen begins life in a structure more similar to a pouch.  The developmental period of the queen lasts a mere sixteen days while the worker honeybee members, both male and female, utilize a period of twenty-one days to reach maturity.  Relative only to the cycles of the Sun, remarkable rhythm is achieved.  Specifically, the Sun revolves on an axis, periodically completing a full cycle each set of twenty-one days.  Both the queen and worker honeybee members develop fully within, and from a single cycle of the Sun and on this similarity form a bond, as members of the same developmental Sun cycle.  If the worker members were to remain under development beyond the single period of the Sun, repeat energy exposure would occur from the Sun and influences that of the Earth would be experienced. In comparison to all other hive members, the queen remains closest to the larval stages and holds the ability to lay eggs.  The worker continues past this point of development, but remaining within the singular Sun revolution, completely utilizing the full influence of the Sun’s energy sphere and reaching complete maturity to preventing even minimal developmental influence from Earth.  Now, the fertile male members, specifically labeled drones, are members reaching maturity at twenty-three or twenty-four days, thus entering the sphere of Earth energy influence as incomplete insects for the singular purpose only to gain the powers of fertility.  Drone members have split away from the energy sphere of the Sun, falling to the influences of the Earth and are only tolerated within the hive by the queen and her workers because of the fertility gift they possess.  Once the Earth has revolved completely around the Sun, the drones are killed or forced out of the hive by the worker members to die of starvation or thermal relief.  The very special act of fertilization is conducted between select few members of the hive; the rest repress their sexual lives and transform it into the active energy capacity developed within the hive.  Love life renounced in many ways, love energy develops within the entire hive and permeates the atmosphere.  Catalyzing the nuptial flight, the queen sets her controls for the heart of the Sun, to which she belongs, reaching her maximal elevation where she is fertilized by a naturally selected drone displaying highest level of activated potential.  The drone selected flies highest of all, overcoming the specific Earth drawn powers despite its unification with these powers, fertilizing the queen at this elevated position.  Upon completion, the queen returns to deposit her eggs within the hexagonal chambers.  Remarkably, the queen possesses the ability to lay viable, unfertilized eggs as well.  This is called a virgin brood, and specifically within the culture of insects, Parthenogenesis.  Interestingly, from this specific process, only drones hatch!  This natural phenomenon promotes the success of the honeybee, and more specifically presents demand of the honeybee love life.  Ultimately, understanding honeybee consciousness further will ensure the survival and existence of both the honeybee and human beings.

    Therefore, once realizing the fundamental basis upon which the premier of the interspecies relationship between honeybee and human rests, amendments are available to increase the success of both involved specie.  Humans may choice a relationship with greater balance to the planetary balance and strive to create a true symbiotic state of being.  This will be achieved by removing the limiting factors of modern commercial apiculture, of which encourage an overall weakening of the species, and introducing innovative mutually beneficial activity.  Furthermore, uncovering a greater insight to the energetic state of being held by the honeybee becomes necessary, ensuring both specie survival and genetic integral enhancement.

    • homad 9:24 am on March 25, 2010 Permalink

      Absolutely fascinating. I love bees so much! This didn’t even go into the depth of how they do vector calculus based on where the sun is. They then give good pollen to the other bees. Followed by a DANCE to indicate to the others where the good pollen is. I was just marveling yesterday when I stepped outside into a sculpture garden with my friend and a bee came up to me, hovered for a moment as though saying hello, and saying “glad to have to you here”. In Denver I used to always have wasps land on me and hover around me while making orgonite…even when I moved houses…I don’t mind them…I am grateful for them.. Don’t disrespect them n they won’t hurt yah 🙂

      Gotta love how they are in tune with the hexagon too…there is a hexagon on the north pole of Saturn for those of you who don’t know 🙂 See post above

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