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    Beyond 2012 – Evolving Perspectives On the Next Age

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    Biogeomagnetics Lecture @ Entheon 2009 

    FINALLY, video of my lecture and subsequent discussion re: the emerging science of biogeomagnetics (the study of the relationship between living systems and planetary electromagnetic fields…in this case, a possible modern lens on the 2012 phenomenon).

    Plenty of other awesome lectures from that week up on the site, as well.

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      imagination is our greatest resource: fo shizzle dizzle.

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    turn up the volume

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      thanks jbow ❤

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    Remote Viewing 

    Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated Tibetan culture. What some Indian tourists came to learn from a few Tibetan monasteries under the current Chinese rule is extremely alarming and fascinating.

    According to these tourists remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other.

    Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.

    In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.

    And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

    Scientific interpretation of the monks’ statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.


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    One opinion on the Blue Spiral over Norway 

    • untamedyawp 8:06 pm on December 14, 2009 Permalink

      holy shit
      aliens offsetting HAARP evil?
      HAARP testing its god machine?
      the proof is in the pudding.

    • deadindenver 9:12 pm on December 14, 2009 Permalink

      ill have some pudding

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    Is there an echo in this here cosmos? 

    Dark Power |  Grand Designs for Interstellar Travel | Newscientist 2009

    SPACE is big,” wrote Douglas Adams in his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.”

    He wasn’t exaggerating. Even our nearest star Proxima Centauri is a staggering 4.2 light years away – more than 200,000 times the distance from the Earth to the sun. Or, if you like, the equivalent of 50 million trips to the moon and back.

    Such vast distances would seem to put the stars far beyond the reach of human explorers. Suppose we had been able to hitch a ride on NASA’s Voyager 1 the fastest interstellar space probe built to date. Voyager 1 is now heading out of the solar system at about 17 kilometres per second. At this rate it would take 74,000 years to reach Proxima Centauri – safe to say we wouldn’t be around to enjoy the view.

    So what would it take for humans to reach the stars within a lifetime? For a start, we would need a spacecraft that can rush through the cosmos at close to the speed of light. There has been no shortage of proposals: vehicles propelled by repeated blasts from hydrogen bombs, or from the annihilation of matter and antimatter. Others resemble vast sailing ships with giant reflective sails, pushed along by laser beams.

    All these ambitious schemes have their shortcomings and it is doubtful they could really go the distance. Now there are two radical new possibilities on the table that might just enable us – or rather our distant descendants – to reach the stars.

    In August, physicist Jia Liu at New York University outlined his design for a spacecraft powered by dark matter (arxiv.org/abs/0908.1429v1). Soon afterwards, mathematicians Louis Crane and Shawn Westmoreland at Kansas State University in Manhattan proposed plans for a craft powered by an artificial black hole (arxiv.org/abs/0908.1803).

    No one disputes that building a ship powered by black holes or dark matter would be a formidable task. Yet remarkably there seems to be nothing in our present understanding of physics to prevent us from making either of them. What’s more, Crane believes that feasibility studies like his touch on questions in cosmology that other research hasn’t considered.

    Fuel as-you-go

    Take Liu’s dark matter starship. Most astronomers are convinced of the existence of dark matter because of the way its gravity tugs on the stars and galaxies we see with our telescopes. Such observations suggest that dark matter outweighs the universe’s visible matter by a factor of about six – so a dark matter starship could have a plentiful supply of fuel.

    Liu was inspired by an audacious spacecraft proposed by the American physicist Robert Bussard in 1960. Bussard’s “ramjet” design used magnetic fields generated by the craft to scoop up the tenuous gas of interstellar space. Instead of using conventional rockets, the craft would be propelled by forcing the hydrogen gas it collected to undergo nuclear fusion and ejecting the energetic by-products to provide thrust.

    Because dark matter is so abundant throughout the universe, Liu envisages a rocket that need not carry its own fuel. This immediately overcomes one of the drawbacks of many other proposed starships, whose huge fuel supply greatly adds to their weight and hampers their ability to accelerate. “A dark matter rocket would pick up its fuel en route,” says Liu.

    Read On..

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    The real story. 

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      ellen page is hot. can’t wait to see her in a roller derby outfit.

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    david icke 

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    Jellyphish>6.08.09 Bishop Canning Crop Formation 

    A Beautiful Pardox + Quetzalcoatl and the Galactic Jellyfish

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      are you postulating that the circle makers are fond of long guitar solos, marijuana and grilled cheese sandwiches?

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    Years in the making, Daniel Pinchbeck and the esteemed Reality Sandwich crew have just launched the beta of evolver.net.  The social networking site of the next age is poised to catalyze local action and gloabal transformation through facilitating connectivity within communities and developing tangible rubrics of social change.  News, events, projects, blogs, groups………let’s evolve!  Check it out.

    Building a Scaffolding for Social Change

    Daniel Pinchbeck

    For the most part, the mainstream media and federal government still treat the economic collapse as something that can be fixed, so that economic growth can resume in a few years. But some commentators are beginning to realize that our meltdown represents a deeper and more permanent paradigm shift. The physical environment can no longer withstand the assaults of our industrial culture. We are experiencing a termination of capitalism as we have known it, a shutdown recently dubbed “The Great Disruption” by Thomas Friedman, in The New York Times. Until recently a leading cheerleader for Neoliberal globalization, Friedman has come to the late realization “that the whole growth model we created over the last 50 years is simply unsustainable economically and ecologically and that 2008 was when we hit the wall.” The longer the general population is allowed to remain in denial about what is happening, the more dire the probable consequences, such as widespread famine, civil unrest and a disintegration of basic services.

    The truth is that we need to make a deep and rapid change in our current social systems and in the underlying models and ideals of our society. It is highly unlikely that those who have been part of the power structure, whether within government or the mainstream media, possess the necessary will, vision or inspiration to make this happen. Also, when we consider their self-serving support for a delusional model of infinite growth on a finite planet, ignoring all evidence to the contrary, our mainstream pundits and politicos have clearly forfeited any claim to authority, and should never be trusted again.

    Many elements of an alternative paradigm, a participatory model in which power is restored to local communities, have been developed over the last decades. In previous columns, I have discussed the “Transition Town” model from the UK as a foundation to help communities move toward resilience and self-reliance. Extraordinary initiatives are presented annually at the Bioneers Conference, and their website maintains an archive of these projects, from bioremediation to complementary currencies, that could be rapidly scaled up if the collective will is mobilized. The nonprofit organization Pro Natura has developed an alfalfa leaf extract that can fulfill a person’s annual nutritive needs for a negligible sum – and many other innovators and activists are holding crucial pieces of the new puzzle we need to assemble quickly.

    What blocks real efforts at social transformation is the current level of human consciousness. The Italian political philosopher Antonio Negri has noted that the most important form of production in our post-industrial culture is the “production of subjectivity” — our media and education systems have mechanically imprinted a certain level of awareness onto the masses, a passive, consumer consciousness. People have not been encouraged to think or to act for themselves. Now, their very survival may depend upon learning these unfamiliar skills.

    Since I comprehended the full depth of the crisis heading our way, I have been working with friends and collaborators to envision and enact solutions. We saw the need for an alternative social network and media that could integrate many aspects of the new paradigm while providing a scaffold for a large-scale process of social transformation. Facebook and MySpace have shown the extraordinary power of social networks to reach an enormous audience, but they have mainly provided a place for people to display and distract themselves in new ways. Most popular social networks are designed to support what media critic Thomas de Zengotita has called the “flattered self,” constantly craving attention. The main purpose of these networks is to make a profit for large corporations.

    We have just launched Evolver.net, an independent social network, built on open-source software that is designed to support collaboration between individuals and groups and to engage people in the process of transforming their own consciousness and their local communities. While we still use many of the standard social networking tools, we have shifted the focus to members’ mission and projects. We have also created an internal rating system for members to vote on the initiatives presented by other members, so that the best ideas in every area will rise to the top and gain more attention. Our plan is to facilitate a network of local groups, across the U.S. and eventually globally, that meet in person and engage in immediate actions to change their world.

    Years ago, Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote, “If the positive innovations connect exponentially before the massive breakdowns reinforce one another, the system can repattern itself to a higher order of consciousness and freedom without the predicted economic, environmental, or social collapse.” We are quickly approaching the critical threshold where breakdown or breakthrough becomes inevitable. I don’t know if Evolver will reach mass popularity as a tool to bring about this repatterning. Of course, I hope this is the case. In the guise of a for-profit company, we have sought to create something akin to a social utility. At a turbulent time when nobody knows what is going to happen next, it feels good, at least, to have launched something into the world that can help the process of transformation.

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    • tallbridge 11:29 pm on January 26, 2009 Permalink

      fuck yes

      ha….i dunno if I’ve ever mentioned secretsun.blogspot.com, see the various obama commentaries

      im glad to know this dan goldman is paying attention 🙂 hahaha

    • deadindenver 7:50 am on January 29, 2009 Permalink

      this is cool, where can i get the .pdf version for my archives?

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    $9.99 downloadable feature length film… HERE

  • tallbridge 9:02 pm on November 16, 2008 Permalink |
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    Going On the Template 

    Check these two videos out if you get the chance:

    The Template: 8.5 mins….sacred geometry/mortal paradigm/beautiful beautiful

    gnarls barkly-going on

    “Going On”

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes
    How we’re gettin’ otherwise
    Without the luxury of leavin’ (leavin’)

    The touch and feeling of free
    Is intangible technically
    Something you’ve got to believe in

    Connect the cause and effect
    One foot in front of the next
    This is the start of a journey (journey)

    And my mind is already gone
    And that there’re other unknowns
    Somehow just doesn’t concern me

    And you can stand right there if you want
    But I’m going on

    And I’m prepared to go it alone
    And I’m going on
    To a place in the sun that’s nice and warm
    And I’m going on

    And I’m sure they’ll have a place for you too

    Anyone that needs what they want
    And doesn’t want what they need
    I want nothing to do with

    And to do what I want
    And to do what I please
    Is first off my to-do list

    But every once in a while
    I think about her smile
    One of the few things I do miss

    But baby I‘ve got to go
    Baby I’ve got to know
    Baby I’ve got to prove it

    And I’ll see you when you get there
    But I’m going on

    And I’m prepared to go it alone
    And I’m going on
    May my love lift you up to the place you belong
    And I’m going on

    And I promise I’ll be waiting for you

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      great post!

  • tallbridge 2:56 am on November 10, 2008 Permalink |
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    Mom how old is the Internet? 

    25 years
    9 months
    2 weeks
    4 days
    21 hours

    53 minutes

    “A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25…” – The Washington Post

    • perpetuallyphil 11:49 pm on November 10, 2008 Permalink

      does that mean that porn is gonna start disappearing form the web in this the mature 25th year….?

      on a side note:
      i only have less than a year left to be reckless. better get to it! who wants to play BASE jump?! or juggle porcupines! or try to extract stem cells from one another! c’mon, lets play together!!

    • tallbridge 1:39 am on November 11, 2008 Permalink

      well i dunno phil…probably not, but i found out the other day that looking for porn is way easier w/ google video than it was when i was a kid….you don’t have to go to so many crazy spam websites, philling up your computer w/ all sorts of shady stuff, spyware etc etc…

      im more playing w/ the idea of the internet (in an ideal, form, because i like ideals) as the global mind which if you have your technology sorted out right…you can be an efferescent part of

      its not only a mind, but it really resembles a physical brain in all its connections…

      so i would like to think that the brain of the human race is reaching its age where we stop taking such shady risks…like genetic manipulation w/ alterior motives, mind control, nuclear weapons, covert operations, whatever you know

      i mean im only 21 and im down…?

      no? too much of a stretch? alright i’ll work on it some more

    • tallbridge 1:45 am on November 11, 2008 Permalink

      more so…if the universe baaanged into reality one day….and we all baaanged from the black hole at the center of this galaxy….and we all grew out of the gaaaaiian mind…maybe this internet trip is a sign of galactic synchronization….all of our seemingly differences could be sorted out…the web could spin us into a crazy coccooon…and then we’d go ahead and metamorphose or sumthin like that

      plus now at least there is fuckforforest…

      and that risky behavior thing is a strange idea….i think instead of thinking that you stop doing as much as soon as you turn 25, you just have a better idea of what you’re doing when you do it

      basejumping isn’t necessarily a bad idea in my opinion

      stem cells/porcupines…not that interested

      using the plant kingdom like a telescope for seeing the deep space galaxies of the mind….hmmm maybe

    • perpetuallyphil 6:25 pm on November 11, 2008 Permalink

      is it the risk that is bad? or is it, as you said, the ill intent?
      i mean we need to take risks to ‘farther’ our knowledge or create new experiments. if we eliminate risk then we have no chance at catching up to our idealistic dreams. we have to be not afraid of stepping out into the world and trying something new.
      maybe at age 25 most people just become complacent? then are satisfied with how their life is going and stop risking shaking the boat too much…

      the web is maturing in a lot of ways and is becoming an increasingly good connector and expander. but there is still GODTUBE, and plenty of sexist, racist sites out there… i guess its really like anything else, it is what you make it…. just on a much larger scale.

      i agree its like a brain and i think it is reminding us of how we can communicate along vast expanses and all tap into the same source. its wonderful. maybe someday it will take us as far as it can and we wont need it any longer….

  • tallbridge 9:05 pm on September 15, 2008 Permalink |
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    Magic “boosts” pupils confidence 

    Via BBC:

    Children taught how to do magic tricks instead of attending standard personal and social education lessons perform better socially, a psychologist says.

    Magic requires self-discipline and an ability to empathise with your audience, Prof Richard Wiseman told the British Association Science Festival.

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