What’s outlined in this video are the most significant changes to the blog.  Notice once you log in, a window asking you what you are up to – this is a quick way to submit blog posts without returning to the traditional “add new post” page.

The space is limited, but there are commands you can use to embed videos and images simply:

As before, you may type:

To embedd an image simply type:

<img src=URL+closing arrow

Note however, that this method does not resize the image and reverting to the traditional interface is much easier in that respect.

What I think this is most useful for is the cultivation of videos especially now that vimeo is gaining speed.  Please be sure that when you embed a video you give it a “video” tag along with any other tags you see fit.

In this system, the tags are going to be the focus as opposed to the categories and on the side you can see a useful tool for cataloging recent tags and providing RSS feeds for them.  One useful example is instead of using the “shred share” page, feel free to post links to downloadable data and tag the post as “shredshare” – this way by clicking on “shredshare” in the tag list will bring you to a plethora of recently added links.

If you have any questions or comments, please just leave them on this page.