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  • sarazona 9:20 am on November 18, 2010 Permalink |  


    • perpetuallyphil 9:22 am on November 18, 2010 Permalink

      love this. gets harder as it goes….

    • untamedyawp 9:54 pm on November 18, 2010 Permalink

      still love it…still not sure i get it.

    • absolutelylovely 11:40 pm on November 18, 2010 Permalink

      P. B. B. S. R. F. F. L. S. ?

    • annapurrrrna 3:53 am on November 19, 2010 Permalink

      Holy beauty. This is divine.

    • Ms.Wonderland 6:01 pm on November 19, 2010 Permalink


    • krammark 2:05 am on November 21, 2010 Permalink

      p b b s r f f l s

  • sarazona 7:28 am on August 20, 2010 Permalink |  

    are you going to burning man? 

    • chiheezie 2:49 am on August 21, 2010 Permalink

      >the question is…is it too late to decide to go??

    • thedarkcleft 12:57 am on August 24, 2010 Permalink

      Never too late.

    • chiheezie 3:52 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink

      I’ll totally go, the only thing is.. i still need a ticket. DO they let anyone in?? And would anyone be able to swoop me in Vail on the way? I can pitch on supplies, shelter, food…etc.. Does anyone have room? Let me know what you guys think. I’ll have to let my Spa director know either this evening or first thing tomorrow morning.. ❤

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    two headed kitten 


  • sarazona 6:26 pm on May 4, 2010 Permalink |  


    yesterday is history
    and tomorrow is a mystery
    but today is a gift,
    that’s why we call it the present

    • perpetuallyphil 7:05 pm on May 4, 2010 Permalink


      according to certain peeps in Fierce Invalids:
      Today IS tomorrow

    • dillowillow 5:16 pm on May 5, 2010 Permalink

      Today is tomorrow, there is no tomorrow 🙂

  • sarazona 7:07 pm on April 5, 2010 Permalink |  

    ahh love…

    in pondering the numerous questions surrounding love, i stumbled upon a new one in a recent discussion around a bunny. is it love if it’s not reciprocated? do you really love someone if they don’t love you back? it’s hard to say, maybe it feels like love but real love only exists if it comes from both parties….then again maybe not, maybe you can love someone wholly and completely, even if they don’t love you back

    • untamedyawp 8:33 pm on April 5, 2010 Permalink

    • perpetuallyphil 11:22 pm on April 5, 2010 Permalink

      what if its just the resting state of the universe…? and we just forget that its everywhere in everything, thus the reciprocity is merely a matter of remembering….

      i do enjoy the questions surrounding the quid pro quo version of love. we are so conditioned to think transactionally by our market-place society that it seems that even love should show on a balance sheet.

      giving love, i have found, is energizing even if its not passed right back. by summoning the capacity and projecting the love to another, it comes through you and becomes you. its best when it comes back, but often the simple act of love makes me feel in the state of love right away.

      of course, i have also experience a love drain, which feels terrible, but seems to be more of an issue of setting boundaries and having reasonable expectations to follow with your love. if its everywhere, just look around a remember (i need to tell myself that more these days…)

      ❤ love

    • ajnakashic 11:54 pm on April 5, 2010 Permalink

      I feel that true love is selfless, and thus doesn’t require reciprocity. Really enjoy Phil’s insight that it is a possible ‘resting state of the universe’. Feels like truth.

    • homad 9:12 am on April 7, 2010 Permalink

      all love all the time to all baby 🙂

  • sarazona 2:54 pm on March 24, 2010 Permalink |  

    thats what friends are for 


  • sarazona 3:35 pm on March 8, 2010 Permalink |  

    mapping the growth of the internet 


  • sarazona 2:48 am on February 22, 2010 Permalink |  

    wow! i don’t even know what to say about this… 

    thanks jess malcolm for opening my eyes to this craziness

    • absolutelylovely 4:11 am on February 22, 2010 Permalink

      i think i just threw up a little

    • krammark 4:43 am on February 22, 2010 Permalink


    • thedarkcleft 5:14 am on February 22, 2010 Permalink

      me too. on my own butt.

    • chiheezie 8:28 pm on February 22, 2010 Permalink

      Loved how she bends backwards for the apple. Although…my lower back hurts!! I need a massage.

  • sarazona 4:57 am on January 22, 2010 Permalink |  

    i wrote a bedtime story…mostly for you guys 

    Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there lived a girl named Rambilin’ Rose and a boy named Cosmic Charlie. Rose and Charlie were very much in love. They were so in love, in fact, that they had decided to get married.

    Their wedding invitations had been sent out and all of their friends couldn’t wait to come celebrate on the 45th of November, which was rapidly approaching.

    With only a week before the wedding there was a lot of last minute business to take care of. Rose wanted begonias for her hair, but not just any begonias would do, they needed to be scarlet. The only place she could find any was in her friend Ollie the Octopus’ garden under the sea.

    Charlie dropped her off at Terrapin Station where she bought a ticket and boarded the yellow submarine bound for Ollie’s garden.

    After Charlie dropped her off he drove down Shakedown Street to Miss Brown’s Teahouse to pick out a cake. He also talked to his Uncle John about the music for the wedding. His Uncle John was in a band.

    The day of the wedding finally arrived and Rose woke just in time to see the most beautiful desert dawn she had ever seen. Her best friend, and maid of honor, Sugaree arrived that morning to help her get all ready for the big day. They put rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes and tied ribbons, ribbons, ribbons in her long dark hair. She looked absolutely stunning as Sugaree tucked the scarlet begonias into her curls.

    Rose had never heard Charlie’s Uncle John’s band before she knew that Charlie would never pick anything but the best music for their wedding. Uncle John took one look at Rose and knew without asking she was into the blues, which he told the rest of the band as they prepared to perform.

    But then something terrible happened. Two hours before the wedding, black clouds rolled in and covered the entire sky. It began to rain, and rain, and rain. Rose and Charlie kept hoping and praying it would stop, but even as the guests began to arrive the rain kept pouring down. They began to fear it might be a hundred year flood and they would have to cancel the wedding.

    Just as Charlie was getting ready to send all of the guests home, the clouds parted and the sun came shining through creating the most amazing double rainbow anyone had ever seen.

    So Rambilin, Rose and Cosmic Charlie were married on the 45th of November by Saint Stephen under the magic of a double rainbow. They were so happy all the people they cared most about could come; Casey Jones, Cassidy, Jack Straw, and even Billy and Jerry were there. As they looked into each other’s eyes they knew in their hearts their love was real and would not fade away.
    After the wedding celebrations, the newlyweds departed for their honeymoon in the Strawberry Fields under a Picasso Moon. Uncle John’s band continued to play and the music never stopped.

    • krammark 9:15 am on January 22, 2010 Permalink

      love bedtime stories ❤

    • chiheezie 9:31 am on January 22, 2010 Permalink

      Thank you!!! (= Night Babe

    • perpetuallyphil 11:05 am on January 22, 2010 Permalink

      mostly for us or mostly for all the kiddos you are raising in this world…. oh, wait, i guess thats the same….

      thanks 🙂

    • deadindenver 7:37 pm on January 22, 2010 Permalink

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  • sarazona 3:17 pm on December 16, 2009 Permalink |  

    Food Inc. 

    Seen it? If not you definitely should. It touches on a lot of things that have been covered by previous films but i love the message of hope in the end, I thought it was really well done. Obviously the way our food is produced is a scary thing and that’s what the film is trying to expose (I also had no idea there were so many laws about secrecy) but I like how it doesn’t just tell you how bad things are and leave it at that…it tells you what can be done to stop it

    • chiheezie 4:14 pm on December 16, 2009 Permalink

      I actually just watched this documentary the other night with my roommate. I also had no idea about all the secrecy farmers must have in order to keep getting their money and continue to have their land. Like you said, not only does the film uncover the way food is mass produced they also touch on local and more traditional ways your food could be produced in order to stop the abuse. Gosh, after watching this, for about a week all I could think about was…Poor Piggies! ) =

    • thedarkcleft 7:53 pm on December 16, 2009 Permalink


    • destinyunbound 12:02 am on December 17, 2009 Permalink

      love food inc., been recommending it to lots of people. definitely has changed some of my eating habits. Been trying to cut back on soy products after learning that 90% of soy grown in the country is from monsanto’s round up ready soybean. Crazy how they have ex military goons that travel around rural america threatening farmers until they fall in line. Check out
      “Bad Seed; the dangerous truth about our food”
      “King Corn”
      “Monsanto, seeds of change”

    • thedarkcleft 12:28 am on December 17, 2009 Permalink

      Monsanto is the devil.

  • sarazona 4:39 am on December 3, 2009 Permalink |  

    rotating skyscraper…nice dubai 


    • thedarkcleft 4:53 am on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      Unnecessary. But awesome. A giant rubik’s cube.

    • homad 11:00 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      My family friend (http://WilsonAssoc.com) is doing the interior design on that crazy thing. She has also done work on the Atlantis hotels and some of the other coolest places in the world.

      Funny side note is my Dad took her on a date back in the day and got her a watermelon as a gift haha. He’s quoted in D magazine (big Dallas publication) as saying, “I knew this lady was gonna do something big”.

      They also have a great organization for schooling children in other parts of the world.

  • sarazona 11:19 pm on November 27, 2009 Permalink |  

    rps…and then some (thanks phil) 

  • sarazona 10:05 pm on August 3, 2009 Permalink |  

    and we wonder why so many struggle with body image issues? 



    This is disgusting, the media makes it impossible for these girls…not to mention the thousands or maybe millions who are looking at articles like this.  You can’t be fat, but if you don’t eat to avioid that then you are criticized for your eating disorder and being too thin, but if you exercise to stay in shape, again you are judged on your arm muscles being too defined. 

    It’s impossible to win in a society where the media will criticize you no matter what your body looks like poeple should be praising their bodies, not constantly hating them and trying to change them.  It’s about time the media in this country starts spreading love instead of constant criticism, hate and judgement.

    • perpetuallyphil 5:28 am on August 4, 2009 Permalink

      muscles are hot… so is a nice soul

      Regina Spektor:

      “I’ve got a perfect body,
      but sometimes I forget,
      I’ve got a perfect body,
      ’cause my eyelashes catch my sweat,
      yes they do. They do.”
      ~ Folding Chair.

  • sarazona 9:56 pm on July 22, 2009 Permalink |  

    do you realize how special you are? 

    for you to be here now trillions of drifting atoms had somehow to assembe in an intericate and curiously obliging manner to create you.  it’s an arrangement so specialized and particular that it has never been tried before and will only exist this once.  for the next many years (hopefully) these tiny particles will uncomplainingly engage in all the billions of deft, co-operative efforts necessary to keep you intact and let you experience the supremely agreeable but generally under-appreciated state known as existence.

    why atoms take this trouble is a bit of a puzzle.  being you is not a gratifying experience at the atomic level.  for all their devoted attention, your atoms don’t actually care about you-indeed, don’t even know that you are there.  they don’t even know that they are there.  they are mindless particles, after all, and net even themselves alive.  (it is a slightly arresting notion that if you were to pick yourself apart with tweezers, one atom at a time, you would produce a mound of fine atomic dust, none of which had ever been alive but all of which had once been you) yet somehow for the period of your existance they will answer to a single rigid impulse: to keep you you.

    -bill bryson, a short history of nearly everything

    • thedarkcleft 12:19 am on July 23, 2009 Permalink

      Kinda makes one wonder if perhaps we are just the “atoms” or “compounds” of another being that we are unaware of. Some would say that this is the truth and some of us are aware of this other being that we make up the parts of.
      So that being said, maybe some of our cells are aware of the larger picture, the human body as a whole. Or maybe their awareness goes further than the body. Or maybe not.

      What do you think?

    • untamedyawp 4:12 am on July 23, 2009 Permalink

      if ‘i’ am a conglomeration of these particles and these particles are governed by a strict set of operational laws then do i have the ability to make free choice? or can i only carry out tasks that are within the boundaries of various deterministic laws intermingling? what does it mean to be me? is the me that ‘i’ am familiar with a part of this system of atomic and biological co-operation? is the me just an illusion created by the human lens which i am using to filter the cosmic energy pouring through me (the lens)? is my body me? is my mind (conscious and subconscious cognitive processing) me? ‘i’ simply cant help but notice that ‘i’ am neither my mind my body or even ‘i’. ‘i’ am a node in the cosmic internet that is fooled into thinking that it is separate from the cosmic internet because of its visible and experiential severed-ness from the keys i am touching and the couch i am sitting on. if i can close my eyes and watch my mind and body drift away than what is it exactly that i am? i dunno. sorry for ranting.

    • perpetuallyphil 4:28 am on July 23, 2009 Permalink

      i think thedarkcleft just described the ending to Men In Black… which is great.

      i think that fight club has some good shit to say too: “I am jacks sullen pancreas.” “I am jacks total lack of surprise”
      ARE these things unaware? these particles. them. maybe they DO know what they are doing. maybe their DNA reads like a script they study and use to play their part in the unfolding drama of life. maybe DNA likes free jazz sometimes…. In either case it IS amazing that we exist at all. large confluence of cosmic creation to bring us here, now.

      cant help but notice the struggle between free will and determinism. good luck with that 🙂

      maybe we have permeable barriers just like cells. we can have distinct boundaries, but also be totally part of the soup thet flows within us, without us. maybe we exist wherever we choose and experience whatever we feel. maybe we can change anything and everything…. maybe i am just another you. maybe i have no idea, and that’s the best one.

      maybe i love you.

      ranting = fun

    • chiheezie 7:48 pm on July 23, 2009 Permalink

      Crazy you posted this. I actually just started reading A short History of Nearly Everything. About a week ago I started wringing out my brain to have maximum mental absorption to sop up it’s moist, splattered knowledge. This book may take me awhile to finish. As I have many questions myself.
      Atoms are a masterpiece! And we certainly have no secrets from our cells. They know far more about us than we do. There isn’t a thing that they don’t do for us. Cells make me feel pleasure and form thoughts about this post. Cells amaze me! Thank our ancestors! We have made it this far on a favored evolutionary line.
      “Not one of your pertinent ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, stranded, struck fast, untimely wounded, or otherwise deflected from its life’s quest of delivering a tiny charge of genetic material to the right partner at the right moment in order to perpetuate the only possible sequence of hereditary combinations that could result–eventually, astoundingly, and all too briefly–in you”

      Oooh man! We are fascinating/confusing creatures. Everyday I learn and ask more and more about myself. About what makes me, me?I am…… Who am I?

      Just like every other living thing, atoms, cells have one astounding impulse: TO CONTINUE TO BE.

      Love you guys. Miss you.

    • chiheezie 7:49 pm on July 23, 2009 Permalink

      Love the pic btw

    • sarazona 4:50 am on July 24, 2009 Permalink

      pretty amazing book huh? my friend suggested i read it and i must admit i wasn’t expecting it to be such a text book but as soon as i read the first page i was completely blown away. sometimes its really nice to have things put into perspective for you, it’s easy to forget the incredible gift of existance and get caught up in other things. that quote you put up really brings to light how fragile everything is and that somehow through all that has taken place over the last few billion years here we are and even more beautiful that we get to be conscious of it (be it real or not) and get to share in this with each other (possibly choosing to start reading the same book about it at the same time!)

      and regarding free will vs determinism i guess it doesn’t really matter because whatever it is we don’t know what’s coming next and even if it is predetermined we still get to live under the guise of making our own decisions and if it is free will i’d like to think there is some sort of guidance or force pushing us into the direction we are supposed to be going.

  • sarazona 3:09 am on July 22, 2009 Permalink |  


  • sarazona 9:54 pm on July 18, 2009 Permalink |  

    the joy project 


    Sometimes it’s amazing how the strongest ideas are also the simplest.  This article is beautiful in its truth and simplicity but the thing that struck me the most were the comments people made at the end.  Sharing things definitely increases joy exponentially…sharing the experiences that I have with all of you has created more joy than I could ever say, thanks for everthing!


    • perpetuallyphil 5:09 am on July 20, 2009 Permalink

      giving high.
      GH to the infinity.
      thank YOU!!!!!!!

    • perpetuallyphil 12:28 am on July 21, 2009 Permalink

      So openness is the basis of inquiry, but love expressed as curiosity specifically invites the Diamond Guidance. This active edge of openness is needed for the truth to be revealed. Then there is joy, curiosity, a happy excitement to find out. The not-knowing becomes the beginning of adventure. And because you don’t know, it is more exciting. Joy is in the whole process, and the excitement of life intensifies. The soul is turned on to exploring the mystery, and it is curiosity that engages… (Spacecruiser Inquiry, pg 259)

  • sarazona 11:28 pm on July 9, 2009 Permalink |  

    inner life of a cell 

    this is pretty much the coolest animation of what’s going on inside our bodies all the time…go to the site and click on the 8 minute video, we are incredible!


    • perpetuallyphil 1:21 am on July 10, 2009 Permalink

      ummmm, golgi apparatus

      visual learning is nice

    • thedarkcleft 5:49 am on July 10, 2009 Permalink

      Biological boner.

    • homad 7:22 am on July 10, 2009 Permalink

      Should be shown in EVERY beginning biology class. Great find

    • waterling 1:39 am on July 15, 2009 Permalink

      microtubles are magnificent

  • sarazona 4:47 pm on June 26, 2009 Permalink |  


    • tallbridge 5:38 pm on June 26, 2009 Permalink

      Crazy….I’ve been thinking a lot about these kinds of octopus…Here’s another good video

      “The planet has a kind of intelligence, it can actually open a channel of communication with an individual human being. The message that nature sends is, transform your language through a synergy between electronic culture and the psychedelic imagination, a synergy between dance and idea, a synergy between understanding and intuition, and dissolve the boundaries that your culture has sanctioned between you, to become part of this Gaian supermind” – tmk

      What is going on here? Homad’s comment a while back that hackers and psychics will be the warriors of the 21st century really resonated with me. I’ve been reading a lot of political stuff today, which I haven’t done in a while, and its all sort of pushing me in this direction of survival again.

      On the other hand tho, I met a real cool cat in BC that laughed pretty hysterically noting ‘they lost! you can’t mess with a prophecy man…”

      Heh…any thoughts? 🙂

    • perpetuallyphil 9:41 pm on June 26, 2009 Permalink

      here is my thought:
      there are no winners or losers. we choose sides when we begin to make such distinctions, and may not end up on the side that we wish to be on regardless… if there is a game going on that seems to push us into the loser category, its always possible to opt out. we choose our level of involvement and the game is just beginning. what lens we view this reality with is our own, for better or for worse.

      seein RRE with lisa shred et al tonight, cheers taka.

    • oneshowatatime 10:30 pm on June 26, 2009 Permalink

      that’s some heady shit. is it friday? i’ll be drinking a frosty PBR in about 2 hours if anyone wants to join me for some decompression in venice.

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