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    non violent direct action

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    Alaska Wakeboarding Teaser from Catchin’ Air Tv Show from UpDown Productions on Vimeo.

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    riddle me this 


    spoiler ALERT: gives away the answer halfway through.
    spoiler ALERT 2: this is kinda offensive

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    this is extreme 


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    miley cyrus #occupy 

    is it a meme war win, co-option, sweet marketing or is miley cyrus just down to party (occupy) in the usa?


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    Clear and concise animation 


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    occupywallst evicted 

    This burgeoning movement is more than a protest, more than an occupation, and more than any tactic. The “us” in the movement is far broader than those who are able to participate in physical occupation. The movement is everyone who sends supplies, everyone who talks to their friends and families about the underlying issues, everyone who takes some form of action to get involved in this civic process.

    This moment is nothing short of America rediscovering the strength we hold when we come together as citizens to take action to address crises that impact us all.

    Such a movement cannot be evicted. Some politicians may physically remove us from public spaces — our spaces — and, physically, they may succeed. But we are engaged in a battle over ideas. Our idea is that our political structures should serve us, the people — all of us, not just those who have amassed great wealth and power. We believe that is a highly popular idea, and that is why so many people have come so quickly to identify with Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement.

    You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.


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    maybe its just china brc 

    “This is crazy. New photos have appeared in Google Maps showing unidentified titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert. The first one is an intricate network of what appears to be huge metallic stripes. Is this a military experiment?

    Update 2: readers are finding even more weird stuff.

    They seem to be wide lines drawn with some white material. Or maybe the dust have been dug by machinery.

    It’s located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River, which crosses the Tibetan Plateau to the west into the Kumtag Desert. It covers an area approximately one mile long by more than 3,000 feet wide.”


    check out all the photos at gizmodo:



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      yea probs just chinaburn

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    It’s the science of capitalism, not conspiracy 

    Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

    When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a “super-entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies – all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity – that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network. “In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,” says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.

    the rest via new scientist:


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      This needs to be a commercial for the superbowl.

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    wallpaper stars, spaceship earth 

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    Gandhi Gone Wild 

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      ohhhh bob the jockey, whatta guy 🙂

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    Danger: good music here 

    “Danger Mouse may take his name from an animated rodent, but his track record of collaborations suggests he’s closer to Voltron.

    Over the last decade, the producer born Brian Burton has worked with everyone from underground rappers such as Gemini and MF Doom to indie icons Sparklehorse and James Mercer (the Shins), to cartoon band Gorillaz, to dirty bluesmen the Black Keys.

    Predicting the artistic trajectory of the man behind the Grey Album is futile; he’s constantly reforming and refracting expectations. Of course, his latest project with Italian composer Daniele Luppi has been subject to a five-year engagement — with the last six months bearing promises of futuristic spaghetti western fusion featuring Jack White. And over the last few weeks, the vows have finally begun to be uttered.

    Available for streaming at Consequence of Sound, the latest leak from the project (due May 17 on Capitol Records) finds Nashville’s newest son crooning over the violently titled “The Rose With a Broken Neck.” DM and Luppi craft a twinkling slate of frail psychedelia — the sort of thing you’d expect to play in the swank rooftop restaurant of the finest hotel in Rome (if such a thing existed).”

    via LA TIMES

    GET THE Album Here !!!!!!!!!!!

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    self-care vs indulgence; inner and outter compassion 

    “Do you treat yourself as well as you treat your friends and family?

    That simple question is the basis for a burgeoning new area of psychological research called self-compassion — how kindly people view themselves. People who find it easy to be supportive and understanding to others, it turns out, often score surprisingly low on self-compassion tests, berating themselves for perceived failures like being overweight or not exercising.

    The research suggests that giving ourselves a break and accepting our imperfections may be the first step toward better health. People who score high on tests of self-compassion have less depression and anxiety, and tend to be happier and more optimistic.”

    more at link

    cool article

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    star seeds 

    “Meteors may have seeded the planet with life-giving ammonia.

    New research adds more weight to the claim that the lifeless Earth may have been helped in the right direction by a stray asteroid. Carbon-containing meteorites found in the Antarctic have nitrogen locked away inside them. And when these meteorites are treated with heat, pressure and water, they emit ammonium — which the researchers argue was the precursor to complex biomolecules that formed the first single-celled creatures.

    The exciting part? The nitrogen found in the meteorites is measurably different from any found on the Earth. If this hunk of rock isn’t our ancient parent, it shows that one like it could very well have been.”



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    Exactly MY point :) 


    “Crisscrossing the country to promote a dangerous mix of communism, cybercrime and drug culture, notorious rock band “The Phish” is pushing American communities to the breaking point. This sad fact can be seen in the headlines so commonplace they no longer shock us: “Phish Fest Nets $81,000 in Drugs; 1,200 Arrests” or“Police Seize $1.2 Million Worth of Drugs From Phish Fans” or “Phish, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” As towns and cities across this nation continue to be torn apart by this havoc, it’s high time we get educated about the undeniable threat our children are now facing.

    Many successful musical acts like Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Josh Groban profit handsomely from studio albums and videos played on cable television stations. What The Phish does is far worse. More than any other band out there today, they have devoted countless hours and incredible financial resources to crossing the country in search of new converts. They are continuously “on tour” performing at venues large and small, prowling for intimate personal contact with the youth of America. Any group of people that makes such a calculated effort to insert itself into the lives of the innocent should surely raise the eyebrows of concerned parents. For The Phish, their modus operandi is to induce the naïve with promises of sexual pleasure and peer acceptance. Like serial killer Charles Manson, they lower inhibitions through hardcore drug use. As with false prophet Jim Jones, the price for such kicks is a complete dedication to their larger agenda.


    The concerts themselves are the foulest orgies of self-indulgent self-satisfaction seen since the tumultuous sixties. When first ushered to their assigned locations in the arena, these “Phishheads” will immediately scope out the area for the most pliable drug abusers within range of their tapping fingers and “Hey dude” calls so that they may score communal soft drinks and “drags” from poorly-rolled blunts. As the evening grows later, they will abandon any sense of camaraderie to lifelong friends in order to scheme closer seats and vivacious women. Eventually the night reaches a fever pitch of exposed breasts and mushroom peaks and the terrifying hippie dancing will begin. Naked, they writhe and commingle with erotic intensity as guitarist Trey Anastasio descends into confusing jam sessions. Children of all ages will tear off their clothes and jump in muddy mosh pits, kicking and penetrating each other with little compunction for common sense. Young girls have their precious bodies traded among eager, breaded elders and teen boys are forced into nightmares of sexual congress. Even regular Phishheads will admit that masturbation is shockingly common in their “scene.”

    The music itself is demeaning at best and criminally violent at worst. For mature listeners, it will make no sense. There is an incomprehensible absurdity to their lyrics, like the loudest ramblings of a derelict beaten down by years of alcoholism and homelessness. The instrumental sounds they produce violate all the requirements of high art. There is no rhyme, no reason. Meter, particularly in the hands of keyboardist Page McConnell, does not exist on their stage. Quite simply, band members mash up violent drumming with amateur guitar screeches at such high speeds there is no doubt that heroin is doing a guest performance with the group. (Transvestite drummer Jon Fishman and shifty-eyed bassist Mike Gordon are clearly the most guilty of these auditory abuses.) Their noise seems intentionally calibrated to overload the central nervous system with false messages of terror and orgasm. If there ever were a soundtrack to schizophrenia, this would surely be it. No wonder there is a direct link between psychosis and fans of The Phish.”

    Read it all. Its worth it. Lots of gems here:



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      Christ Wire dot org

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      “Quite simply, band members mash up violent drumming with amateur guitar screeches at such high speeds there is no doubt that heroin is doing a guest performance with the group. (Transvestite drummer Jon Fishman and shifty-eyed bassist Mike Gordon are clearly the most guilty of these auditory abuses.)”


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      dear Alison, i hate phish

    • Ms.Wonderland 3:21 am on January 30, 2011 Permalink

      Dear Mr.Snarky: good, now I won’t have to worry about getting you a ticket the next time they play Red Rocks. (PS let’s fight about it over the internet in China) (PPS, if we could use facebook I would have you look at your profile pics from days of yore i.e.: trey dinosaur and other phishy pics) check and mate. llama taboot taboot.

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