Shred something: a slang term devised around the year 2007, but could be earlier than that. In most cases does not require a literal interpretation, although, as geographic ranges vary, this must be applied in a case by case manner. Overall, refers to action. Doing something with purpose and joy; something worthwhile. It is difficult to shred MTV all afternoon, as it is difficult to shred a New Kids on the Block album (see: above).

We often shred concerts. We shred data. Knowledge. Information. Love. Wisdom. Nature.

The main goal of shred something is to invite others to shred something in a shared space, also known as a shred spot. Here we can collectively shred, make friends, share ideas, dates, music, videos, books, ideas, and hopefully in turn get a chance to rage and/or shrage in person.

Post anything you like. Feelings, ideas, links, news, stories, writings, music. Here we can map out an image of where everyone’s head is at, and see how our world’s collide every single day.

One last thing. Shred from your fucking heart 🙂