Album Review: The Good Old Days: Adventures in Live Looping, 2011​-​2014 by experimental guitarist/artist Michael Garfield


a1620528480_2I came into contact with Austin, Texas-based Michael Garfield’s work while back when I first joined Reverbnation. His music really blew my mind and I reached out to him; ever since then we have sporadically kept in contact. When I try to describe Michael’s music, it is difficult. I mean, objectively he writes music that is acoustic guitar with various looped tracks created on the spot…but it is so much more than that. I think back to the first time I heard Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint and how it totally blew my mind with its innovative guitar looping; I feel the same way with Michael’s music. Garfield describes his songwriting expressions as “no longer “playing the guitar,” but…part of something greater in which new feedback loops directed its own shifting evolution. Looping pedals joined the tendrils of this new synthetic creature, multichannel freestyle compositions birthing on the fly.”


His newest…

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