This is strange…

Peter Berkman – Guitar/NES
James DeVito – Bass
Luke Silas – Drums
Ary Warnaar – Guitar/GameBoy

01 Blackout City
02 Jetpack Blues
03 Dawn Metropolis
04 Danger Mountain
05 Overarrow
06 Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea)
07 Mermaid

total playing time: 26:08

Retro-futurist meets actually retro– that’s pretty much what guitars are nowadays, right? Although Anamanaguchi hail from the “chiptune” scene probably best known around here for outliers/standouts like Crystal Castles (or else for Wham City 8-bit aficionados Adventure), this New York outfit throws some guitars and drums in alongside the hacked Nintendos. The title track from Anamanaguchi’s upcoming debut LP, Dawn Metropolis, also shows some flair for melody in between the blips, bleeps, fuzzed-out power chords, and frantic beats. Apparently the live performances of this song may require some highly developed clapping skills.