What’s going on with Astrology?! Adding a new sign to the zodiac…..or perhaps the Sun has always been in Ophiuchus during late Dec. early Jan.? I’ve never been entirely convinced of the truth behind what zodiac signs say about a person…. some people seem to be accurately characterized by their sign, but for others it’s wishy washy….. I guess it’s all pretty vague, left open for interpretation so that one sign can describe a wide variety of individuals…. I don’t oppose the belief system that the alignment of planets and stars at a particular moment may influence personality, earthly occurrences, etc…. I guess I’m just not educated enough in the fields of astronomy, quantum physics, and origins of astrology to reach a justified resolution on the subject, whether to advocate or to dismiss.
Perhaps the unique gravitational pull that is exerted on our bodies at birth does have an effect on the way that we grow and develop emotionally, I can dig that…. Somehow I do believe that celestial mechanics could directly effect terrestrial dynamics, though science has not yet found a way to prove it (perhaps it is something beyond the grasp of science)
.. in any case, science or no science- I’m a Gemini damn it! ….maybe I’m being ignorant and resisting change, but this ‘new and improved’ zodiac (or old and just recently renovated) says I’m supposed to be a Taurus…. no deals