reshaping culture, with culture

In the video below, Slavoj Zizek touches on a wide variety subtle ideas about society and our attempts to make our world better in this remix and animation.

Basically positing that we can’t use the same strategies and underlying ideas to bring about real change. Beyond intention, altruism, innovative business models and sympathy, there are elements that we must collectively understand to put our focus in the right place. It fits in perfectly with some criticism that I have with Pinchbeck’s latest article on Business Shamanism from Realty Sandwich (see my comments as [positively perpetual] on the page if interested).

As culture jammers, shifters, lightworkers, helpers, artists and/or illuminaters, we can utlize our power to an even stronger degree with a well defined structuaral analysis and knowledge of tools past and present.

Give it a whirl: