Last chance to get your money out of the markets and dollar delineated assets. My take on the situation was that it would happen before the middle of November. I just received word that the dollar will be re-valued on Wednesday. I don’t have any way of knowing if it’s true or not… but here is what I do know.

The fiscal year for the U.S. ends on Thursday. The world market has stopped purchasing U.S. Bonds and they are out of options. A friend of mine recently had dinner with Ben Bernanke’s wife Anna and she reported to him that they are working 24 hours a day and things are rough. The congressional budget report that was issued last month states that it’s authors would be surprised to see the U.S. make it past December.

Here is the most recent post by which sums things up nicely.

“The world is heading for an unprecedented period of global geopolitical turbulence as the clock ticks on the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. The signs include: the resignation of most of the real powers in the Obama administration, the dispatch of a large Council on Foreign Relations brown-nosing squad to China, the removal of Queen Elizabeth’s control over her own finances, a power struggle in China, North Korea and Japan, mass riots in Europe, regime change in Brazil, etc. There also now conflicting signs as to whether or not the Amero will go ahead as planned with some sources saying they only have 12% of the gold they need to back it while other sources say “it is a done deal.” All in all, this is going to be an interesting week as we wait to see how the Feds hope to get past the September 30th fiscal year end.”

I read a lot of things I think people should know, but I rarely send them out because they are often a lot to swallow and they are predicated on a lot of other things that are also difficult to swallow. Most of the time the reason I send something out is that I personally believe that it has a better chance of not happening if a bunch of people know about it. But I don’t think that this applies here.

My feelings on the subject are this. If we want to the world to get better, things are going to have to stop, turn around, and start moving the other direction. I, being the eternal optimist, think that this is an inevitability, it is only a question of when, and how. In all things there is an easy way, and there is a hard way. Please take a moment of quiet contemplation or prayer and visualize on a better tomorrow and ask to be shown the “easy way” of getting there.