HMMM i like Earthing

Up until a few hundred years ago, our ancestors lived in direct contact with the Earth’s surface. They walked barefoot upon the ground, slept close to the earth, or perhaps were separated only by the thinnest of animal skins and plant based bedding materials. Our ancestors were constantly grounded, and lived in intimate contact with the earth. In China, the ancient Daoist yogis intuitively felt that the earth possessed energy, called earth chi. In many places the chi was strong; near flowing water, near ocean beaches, in the rocks … and it was easily absorbed through the soles of our feet.

Today, we have adopted a very different lifestyle from our ancient forbearers; we wear shoes with rubber soles and sleep in beds and houses that are insulated from the ground. We also experience diseases and maladies that were very rare for our ancestors. Is there a correlation? Could cutting ourselves off from the surface of our planet somehow be a cause or a contributor to many of our modern ailments? If there is such a thing as earth chi, are we chronically deficient?
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this was sent out in a newsletter from the guy who taught me and sarah how to teach yin yoga, Bernie Clark