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i came upon this interesting article about digital worlds. a few different opinions coming form differnt-ly minded folks.


just a taste:

“We will become considerably more networked, living mainly in terms of proxy encounters. Inevitably hive behaviors will supplant acts of individual initiative. We will become far more of a symbol-trading species than we already are. The data stream, already overwhelming, will be managed by an array of programs and applications. What used to be a knowledge of facts and processes will become a knowledge of the most efficient ways to use those highly developed prosthetic resources. Subjective individualism, waning as an ideal for decades now, will become nearly extinct. We will tend toward electronic collectivism, a kind of electronically aggregated sense of identity.”

most of the responces are not super postive, but pretty inriguing. what do you all think about the questions posed?

In what ways do you feel that immersion in digital technologies is changing us as humans, culturally and individually?

Is there a connection between the quickening desolation of our physical environment and the growing lushness of our artificial media worlds?

What will be the long-term consequences of our species’ abandonment of living in nature in favor of living in media?

(this is not a test, it is real)

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