Seeing the Forest from the Trees

List of things to do:

#1. Live in a Tree House

#2. Bring my friends

Tree house living provides for the most divine communion with nature, while allowing the ability to prevent environmental disturbance through a high degree of malleability. Not to mention an instilled philosophy of impermanence within the highly exposed building design; an important trait in a universe whose favorite hobby is Flux.

Free Spirit Spheres. Biomimicry Design. Minimal contact with tree. $150,000 for a wooden one, $50,000 for fiberglass.

O2 Treehouses. Sustainable materials, Bucky Fuller-style. Some of my favorite.

Dans mon Arbre makes pre-made treehouse villages!

Business as usual for the Papua tribes of the Korowai and Kombai; who may be cannibals, but are innovative enough to build cut-away fire pits in their tree houses that are built as high as 130 feet.