All kinds of shit

Dudes- sorry i haven’t been around these parts in a while – much like my physical life, I’ve kinda of been on a virtual adventure – trying to help people with other projects not unlike shredsomething – and in doing so leaving home for a bit.  I know its easy to visit, it only takes a click (or a touch) – but you know how it goes when you start travelling – being around home sometimes can be distracting somehow – I’m not sure….regardless – I have a couple interesting notes

Shredsomething hit a fantastic all-time the other day….mostly because of this post about Plastic Spoons post desperacido made back in January that made it onto Stumble….4,800 hits the other day, 2,300 yesterday…adn today we’re down to 236….the internet is silly like that isn’t it?  But this I think is a big sign that what we’re shredding is pretty shreddy and that a little dabbling into some Current/Stumble might stir things up a little bit….

Other notable news is a project Max, Chris and I have been trying our best to shred called Chimbre – not really sure what to do next we decided to try and get somewhat of a community going besides just the daily shred that happens on the Chimbre Facebook page….i’m really trying to make this the best Ning I’ve ever made (the other main one is for Papadosio fans called Rootwire)…..We’re makin all kinda of funky groups to helped people get informed with a lotta the ideas we/ve been shredding throughout the years….The announcement is going out to the Chimbre fans tonight – so I’m hoping we’ll get a lotta people joining – if y’all wanna contribute and join, that would be great – I’m gonna be running/moderating it generally, so i’ll be working on it quite a bit – but at the very least – I also wanted to tell you that we’re having an artist sponsorship contest.

It wasn’t publicized very well and I can take some blame for that, but we’ve got our very own Jason Bowman and Krystle Smith on the ballot.  The voting ends Sunday, so I hope everyone has a chance to check out the submissions.  You can see them at and I’ll throw in a little voting poll here on the shred.

Lastly – i’m totally proud of how this little blog has chugged along – and it serves as a beautiful reminder as to whats possible – i’ll take the lessons from here on my travels…love you guys ❤