A little blurb by my friend VerDarLuz. I think that it applies to a lot of us individually as well as our collective tribe.

“One of the great tests of transitioning into the Aquarian age will be the full embodiment of its opposite sign, Leo by each individual. We can only enter into the egalitarian, idealist vision of the cosmic Aquarian tribe if each individual discovers the Source within them, and channels their unique offerings for the healing and evolution of earth. During this Mars retrograde in Leo, and until Mars leaves Leo in late May, we should ask ourselves what specific gift can I contribute to the tribe? And how do I sabotage myself in offering this gift through impatient decision making, an insufficient strategy, or a lack of teamwork?

A model of performance and gathering which supports the collective creative is the Vaudeville-style variety show. This format of entertainment allows for the inner artist to be channeled in many unique and eccentric formats, not limiting one to a single mode of expression. With consistent variety show performances, the entire community (Aquarius) benefits from a broad range of aesthetic journeys, while promoting the fullest artistic potential of each individual (Leo).”