Vanishing Act (new acoustic hardware live PA music)

Merry Christmas, everybody!  My first post on shredsomething is a gift to you all.

This half-hour of music represents the latest iteration of my ongoing “acoustic hardware live PA” project – an attempt to marry the worlds of acoustic and electronic music. Filling a niche in the ecology of sound somewhere between ambient neominimalism and tribal downtempo, this vast aviary of shifting textures evokes lush mindscapes and soaring vistas, riverine journeys and driving drum scenes.

Each improvised composition was recorded in one take with no overdubs or laptop wizardry. Everything you hear comes from live acoustic guitar and kalimba I processed through pitch shifters, delays, and wah, then looped and remixed on the fly.

Kick back and get spacious with Vanishing Act as I carry you into depths both new and familiar, strange and beautiful. Thanks for listening!