they are actually building this

Among the most appealing features of the city is the incorporation of 100% renewable power sources such as solar and wind farms as well as plantation and research fields, ensuring an entirely self sustaining system. The city will be linked to Abu Dhabi’s international airport via a network of pre-existing roads and newly constructed magnetic public transportation routes. Entirely car free, Masdar City will easily accomodate pedestrians since there will be just a 200 meter distance between the city center and all forms of alternative, eco-friendly transportation, (including individual solar powered pods that drive commuters to their desired destinations).

Its shaded walkways and narrow streets will provide relief from the extreme Abu Dhabi climate while also creating a pedestrian friendly environment. Pedestrians will be treated to interactive light poles, heat sensitive technology and water features that are all triggered by kinetic energy. Giant umbrellas mimicking the natural action of sunflowers will continuously shade Masdar City occupants during daylight hours, reserving any heat that they capture until nightfall so that it may be released into the plaza. Masdar City will also feature adjustable building facade angles that will deflect or make the most of solar glare along with wall surface materials embedded with energy that respond to changes in temperature. The main design inspiration of key buildings in the city centre is based on geographical landmarks like canyons, wadis and other points of visual interest found in nature. To complete the whole sustainable vision, roof gardens will integrate food production and the ultilization of organic food waste as well as water efficiency and energy generation.


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