Upgrade the Brain matter – Webmynd

WebMynd makes Google better by personalizing it with the information sources that you most value. You can embed different search tools, search your WebMynd browsing history and your most frequently visited sites. Some people call the WebMynd browsing history a DVR for the web – it saves and records the pages you see online so you can find what you have seen before faster:

I had just written a little note today on Facebook moments before I found this Firefox ext. Webmynd.

” Is there something didactic in the ways in which the internet exercises our minds, meaning – what is the benefit of having to skim through unlimited amounts of information while simultaneously having to make conscious decisions about truth and reality? My profile right now is a picture of the internet – yes like a graph – mapping out all the data points on the web that we know and illustrating their “physical” connection – yet we know that its is all in fact just streaming 1′ and 0’s (fuck him/her or don’t fuck him/her)

An interesting philosophical view presented by a physicist named Nassim Haramein says that the human organism is the link between the largest things in the universe and the smallest…and if we take this idea and say that we each are perceiving the field of reality – taking in its information, which is in fact all just light – and then translating it into ourselves, or minds, hearts, bodies and souls – then each of is it not in anyway insignificant in the big scope of things – that we are all in fact equal and all one.

But this isn’t to say people cannot be given kudos based on merit, because those who put forth the effort to take in more information, are in fact applying themselves much more to the universe.

In todays day and age, technology offers us some luxury…Right now I do not farm, or clean, or walk everywhere and i have the time to sit around on the computer every once in a while.

And when I do this, i just surf around a realm of manipulated light which offers information streaming directing from the minds of billions of human organisms around the world….Interestingly, this is somewhat of a illustration of telepathy via external technology. Multicontextual media is standard now on the internet, with links, and everything else. Anyone can create a small brain on a subject for others to understand or ignore.
The internet, then, is letting us feed the universe with entirely new sets of information collectively, amplifying – perhaps exponentially – our potential for new realities.”

Webmynd gives you on the side of your google shred, the search results of a whole other bunch of areas from Amazong to Wikipedia to Delicious and whatever.  Then down in the bottom right of Firefox you click the play button and it has a record of your recent webactivity graphically and lets you search the whole thing.
Certainly some privacy issues…but not much place to hide in surveilling society anyway. Peace