I have to say I have been thoroughly re-energized by STS9’s new stuff and the Red Rocks recordings.  Peaceblaster has some serious songs – shock doctine + empire.

Much like Lotus’s Colorado….these bands compositional abilities to convey massive amounts of imagery, feeling, etc simply blows my mind.  The conscious message behind these songs as well as the spoken word which can be found throughout the album is highly responsible.

From STS9’s Website:

Using a highly specialized process and state of the art photo equipment, Tobin created this one incredible panoramic image by methodically shooting 27 shots of the majestic amphitheatre, from rock to rock, with the Denver skyline in the distance and the starry Colorado sky above, and STS9 on stage over a period of 30 minutes. The 27 photographs were then stitched together over a period of two weeks of post production after the shows. One look at this photo and you notice you’ve never seen anything like it captured at this venue.

Because it was created from so many images, the original photograph is literally 8 feet long without any enlargement, thus, every detail is razor sharp and as vivid as you’ve ever seen before.

Fucking gorgeous…chills all up and down my body…If anybody needs a pick me up, inspiration, take it to the next level music – check this shit out.