bail-out = fail-out

i think that we have reached a real make or break point in the USA. what happens with our economy in this hour will determine the direction and fate the next few years. i wrote my congressman today to urge him to not vote in favor of the bush-paulson plan and to think about his constituents in front of the investors. we are dawning on scary times (politically, anyways) and need a push now to show that we know what ‘they’ are trying to do. let our voices be heard as this economic predicament becomes a catalyst for the awakening of the american public.

the senate has just passed a new version of the bill that adds some insurance incentives, but it still takes the tax payer to the cleaners. this friday the house will vote, email your rep by entering zip code on this page. the congressional server went down a few days ago after a huge, unprecedented surge of emails around this issue… so things are happening. if you enter your zip and then select an issue, you will be heard. anything is better than nothing in this case.

if we bail-out wall street, economy fails, if we don’t, economy still fails, but at least we will keep the scum who greedly brought the system down accountable in their pocketbooks. i say let the whole thing burn, but burn the shady fuckers along with it all…. lets build the system better next time. kucinich for president, or at least obama…