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I met this guy Ver DarLuz at Dreamtime this summer. He did a few workshops on astrology there and he was a very awesome dude. He has done tons of workshops at Burning Man as well. He sends out emails every so often talking about his workshops in denver, current astrological happenings, etc.  I got this one this morning. Pretty looooong, but interesting…. Give it a read, no matter how you feel about astrology. It’s a little hard to understand, for me, but I’m trying nevertheless. I understand that a lot of people feel like astrology is complete bull, but it is interesting to see how things in our current situation coincide with the stars/planets/moon…

Friends, this is the first installment of a few articles on the elections which will be appearing as we move further towards this fateful day and our future as a nation.  I am in gratitude to those who have appeared at my recent lectures in Denver, which i hope to post video of soon. In the following article I describe the current events regarding the bailout and McCain’s desire to postpone the debates.  Then, I have attached a very lengthy astrological description of Sarah Palin’s relationships to the U.S. Chart, and the chart of the Election and Inauguration Day.  I hope you will all take the time to read both sections.  I have done my best to translate the astrological lingo into more palatable terms.  Please feel free to pass this on to as many people as you like.  And I do not want anyone to feel disempowered with the information presented below.  As i will make clear in a future article, I am thoroughly convinced that this election will be more about the power of prayer and meditation, than any action at a voting booth.  

 In peace, light, and service,


The Astrology of Postponement: The Debate and the Election Itself.

    FEAR.  love.  fear.  LOVE.  We are shifitng vibrationally.  Love and Fear are choices and forces weaving a powerful story during this political campaign and the American destiny.

        For those who are not accustomed to the woes of Mercury Retrograde, check out this one effect now: a $75 billion Bill for American taxpayers to bailout the Corporatocracy, the bankers who make people pay fat loans, the guys who like to charge “interest” and then run the U.S. economy into the sinkhole.

    In two days, Mercury will retrograde back onto the U.S. Saturn in Libra.  Saturn is exalted in Libra because true governance and righteous leadership (Saturn) should be about equal rights and ‘justice for all’ (Libra).  As Mercury retrogrades back over this Saturn, every american citizen will be able to ‘re’-consider and ‘re’-flect on the illusion of trust in the American financial system.  Never has the sordid link between the government and corporations been so transparent.  They have no chance to hide anymore.

    During the last Mercury Retrograde in June, I reported on the secret Bilderberg group meetings in West Virginia.  The Bilderberg group consists of Corporate and government heads from around the world, who come together each year to make powerful decisions regarding everything from war to oil prices to presidencies, all of which affect each of us.

    The next Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Aquarius and will take place on Inauguration Day, more on this powerful day in my next article.

    Bilderberg Group meetings, Corporate Bailouts, Inauguration Day – all taking place under the mischief-maker, Mercury, moving backwards, the worst times of the year to begin any serious undertakings, especially related to commerce, trade, travel, and communications, and especially to pass bills and sign away billions of dollars on dotted lines.  Consistently, a contractual deal occurring under Mercury retrograde will flop or one party will get seriously screwed.  The need for our alternative, local, sustainable economies persists and becomes more obvious…

October Surprise – Postponing the Elections

    In my recent lecture in Denver on the Astrology of the Elections, i was asked about the ill-fated, but dependable October surprise – a tactical maneuver by either party to influence and sway voters a particular way by unleashing some damaging information about the other candidate, trying to gain more votes for their respective side.

    Welcome to October, a week early.   The Republicans are scared and those hidden forces who rule them are even more afraid.  In a convenient strategy, the major bankers are in need of a massive bailout, where the government will actually own part of the banks.

    Bush’s announcement of the severity of the economic situation preceded, within a day, McCain’s announcement that he will postpone Friday’s debates and even his campaign until this economic situation is resolved.  Remember that a few weeks ago, this same man said, “The fundamentals of the economy are strong.”  Hmmm.

    Various authors at Alex Jones’ call this bailout an act of financial terrorism against the American people.  Writer Paul Joseph Watson noted that this maneuver is called “the ‘shock doctrine,’ the accelerated passage of what is essentially dictatorial legislation without proper scrutiny by means of exploiting a temporary state of fear.”

    It is a well-known fact that in times of war or serious turmoil, it is almost impossible for the American people to change guard.  The U.S. Sun and Venus and Jupiter are all conjunct in the sign of security-conscious Cancer.  (The term ‘Homeland Security” derives directly from these planetary placements).  Hence, a serious economic crisis threatening the homes, pensions, and financial portfolios of the majority of American citizens could make many Americans willing to postpone the election process.  It undoubtedly conjures the Saturnian fear-vibration.

    By calling for a suspension of the debates, it appears as if John McCain is appealing to Americans’ concern over the economy.  Yet Obama has made it very clear in his speech Wednesday Sept. 24th, that presidents must be able to handle multiple tasks at once and that it is important, now more than ever, for the American people to hear just where these candidates stand on these issues.

Weirder and Wilder – the Saturn -Uranus Opposition.

    As we’ve seen this year, this is the most unprecedented election in the history of the U.S.  From female and minority candidates, to wild, last-minute tactics, to football stadium size conventions, expecting the unexpected has been an absolute understatement.   This is the nature of the accelerating approach of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, exact on Election Day.  It will continue to approach Hyperreal status the closer we get to the day of the elections.  This same opposition occurred in 1965, with the radical movements for equal rights for minorities and women as complete paradigm shifts in the social and governmental matrices took place.  As Richard Tarnas points out in his brilliant study of history thru planetary relationship, Cosmos and Psyche, the Saturn-Uranus cycle manifests as “the two archetypal principles combine and interpenetrate in contradictory ways: repressive revolution, erratically unpredictable authority, and so forth, as evident during the Terror in revolutionary France and the Cultural Revolution in communist China.  Especially frequent with this cycle were crises and the sudden collapse of structures, crashes, and accidents, grim awakenings, and sudden breakdowns, whether political, economic, or psychological.” 

        Part of the strategy of the Saturnian forces in a time of crisis, where they may lose their governing authority, is to use radical, shocking, inventive, and extreme Uranian means to maintain those very same Saturnian forces.  Advertising which appeals to the rebellious, extreme natures of adolescents is a prime example of how Saturn tries to contain the freedom-impulse of Uranus.  Or, in 1988, as Saturn and Uranus conjoined in Sagittarius, George Bush Sr.’s statement of ‘A New World Order.” – a succinct description of a ‘new’ (Uranian) version of authority (Saturn). 

    The whole Obama campaign has been filled with the Uranian vibration, since Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, Obama’s rising sign, Jupiter sign, and karmic traces through his South Node.  Remember the call for text-messaging support during the convention and the massive appeals to younger and disenfranchised voters – Uranus rules technology, the youth, and the will of the People, not the establishment.   And now the Saturn forces try to suspend the Obama momentum for change – remember the Promethean/Uranian impulse to awaken and enlighten moves at an electrifying pace.  Saturn forces will do all they can to impede this process.

     Over the last few weeks, Obama has been increasing his lead as people become more concerned with the economy.  And then, suddenly, the need for a massive bailout that could postpone not only the debates, but the elections themselves, appears.  It’s not as if this has not been happening for years now, and escalating each month, but it is conveniently timed for the Republicans and Saturnian forces so fearful of change to stop the Obama Uranian momentum.  It’s actually quite similar to how the Republican strategists called in Sarah Palin as a running mate to quench the intense, fiery optimism of the Democratic National Convention.  Needing a star and a controversy to compete with Obama’s popularity, the Saturnian forces pulled a ‘maverick’ Uranian move and implemented the hired gun of Sarah Palin to distract people further from the real issues and to try to gain female votes, an attempt to cause derision between male and female, black and white, etc… There is no gray area for Saturn.  “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.”  This is a far different cry than the Uranian/Aquarian plea for hope and vision.  We will examine this next article by studying Obama’s karmic links with Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy Jr.

V.P. Potency – An astrological breakdown of Sarah Palin

The U.S. Chart

    Sarah Palin has an almost surreal destiny with the chart of the U.S.  Her synastry is incredible, beginning with the Sun/Mars/Saturn stellium in Aquarius, vitalizing, activating, antagonizing, and authoritiatively pressurizing the soul of the American people, represented by the U.S. Moon, as well as the asteroid Pallas Athena.  Interestingly, there is also a linguistic resonance between Palin and the warrior -competitor-strategist goddess Pallas Athena.  From sport-hunting to rapping about being state point guard, this woman likes to compete.  Remember that the great capital of Athens was named after Pallas (roman) Athena (greek) and in her shadow form, Pallas can be devoid of emotions as she strategizes the best way to achive victory.

    On a more karmic level, Palin’s early degrees Merucry and Moon in Aquiarus conjunct the U.S. Pluto and the U.S. South Node.  The Mercury and Moon with Pluto contact signify deeper layers of hidden agendas at play and possible secret, powerful societies (Pluto) bringing to prominence Palin’s ability to use media to communicate (mercury) her version of universal, humanitarian, maternal family values (Moon).  With the connection to the U.S. South Node, she has been deeply connected to U.S. history before, probably as another powerful woman, perhaps having to do with equal rights for women because of Aquarius.  It would be rather ironic if she became the first female president and overturned Roe vs. Wade, ending a woman’s right to choose.   

    Nodal contacts in synastry are literally written in the stars, they’re like soul contracts.  Not only does Palin contact the karmic trace of the U.S., but her own North Node, where her soul is seeking to go, is within 3 degrees of the U.S. Sun in Cancer!!, and also conjunt the U.S. Jupiter and Venus.  All of these U.S. planets greatly enhance her ability to activate her North Node in the sign of the Mother.  Remember, that as nurturing as Cancer can be, it can also play its shadow as the most manipulative, overbearing, attached sign in the zodiac.  Look at the U.S. history, digging our paws into every nation on the planet as if we own the roof of the earth and can tell all its children what they should do.   Sarah Palin’s chart fits right in to this formula.

    As amazing as all this is, we cannot forget that throughout 2009, on inauguration day, Neptune is exactly conjunct Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn and the U.S. Moon/Pallas Athene.   Either this will be the complete dissolving of her Solar recognition, Mars ambition, and Saturn power, or, and what i feel more likely, a kind of dreamy, hypnotic fantasy begins for this woman and for this entire country as Neptune transits her Aquarian stellium as well as the U.S. Moon.    Exact in May, and playing in orb throughout the year,  Jupiter conjoins that Neptune in Aquarius, enlarging the mass hypnosis effect.  Although there may be a vast feeling of hope permeating the American people, it will likely be a huge smokescreen, a fog of deception and false promise happening at many levels.  This portends more issues with clean water, bank bailouts, and oil coverups (Neptune rules oil and the oceans).  And Palin can’t stop talking about untapped oil reserves in Alaska and throughout the U.S.

Election Day

    At the moment of her acceptance of running mate, Saturn was within one degree of Palin’s  Uranus in the first house, giving structure to her individuality, now providing a platform in which to express her first house image.  Recently, this woman has been all over the news and been parodied on Saturday Night Live and Youtube like crazy.  Saturn is exactly on her Pluto – this only occurs once in 28 years.  The Saturn/Pluto combination always puts one in to contact with underworldly people of hidden power and wealth (pluto) and places one in in a struggle for dominance.

    Sarah Palin has a resonant aspect with her own Sun/Mars conjunction in Aquarius squaring the Election day conjunction.  When the polls are closing, the Moon in the sky will exactly return to Palin’s Moon and conjunct her Mercury.  This is highly fortuitious for this woman’s fate, as the Moon rulers her North Node in Cancer, and Mercury rules her 11th house of success through the collective.   Also that evening, Venus conjoins Palin’s Ceres at 21 degrees of Sagitarrius in the fifth house of gambling and luck.   Ceres was the Great Mother, the grain goddess of abundance and bounty.  Since Palin’s Ceres sits in the U.S. first house, Venus transiting this point could effectively make Palin appear (first house) as the ‘Mother’ of a nation.

Inauguration Day and 2009

        But the real juice of Palin’s chart refers to the Inauguration chart and her grand Stellium in Aquarius.  A Grand Stellium is when 5 or more planets occupy a sign or house, and Palin has Mercury and Moon conjunct in Aquarius in the 6th house, plus the Sun/Mars/Saturn at 22, 23, 25 Aquarius in the 7th house.  As many of you know, the inauguration takes place January 20th, which means that many planets will be moving through the sign of Aquarius at that time, thereby triggering Palin’s massive stellium.

    The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node will all be on Sarah Palin’s Moon and Mercury.  Palin’s Moon and Mercury represent her feelings of home, nourishment, safety and how she communicates, the transiting Sun will radiate these areas and bring them recognition, Mercury will bring media and a lot of news around these areas, the North Node signifies a point of destiny for these planets.  But the core transit of 2009 for Sarah Palin is big benefic Jupiter exponentially expanding and uplifiting her 5 Planet stellium in Aquarius.  And the opportunities will emerge from the people around her (7th house) brought on by her new daily work in the White House (6th house).

A Vedic Perspective

    Vedic astrologer Joni Patry points out that “Her dasha sequence is Maha dasha Jupiter and Venus bhukti. Both planets are conjunct  in Pisces. This combo is amazing since Venus is exalted in Pisces and Jupiter in its own sign of rulership. One thing for sure whether or not she wins the race this is a great time for recognition and power. Venus does rule the 10th house from the Moon so this is very     auspicious bhukti. Most interesting about her chart is she has the Kala Sarpa yoga, and it is occurring currently in the heavens. People who have this yoga have a life which entails radical fate and karma for good or bad.”   

    We mentioned earlier the exact conjunctions of Saturn to her natal Uranus and Pluto on the day of her Vice-Presidency announcement.  On that very day, the Kala Sarpa began.  It ended on September 12th.  In between this period, both Hurricanes Gustav and Ike occurred, as well as the rise of Sarah Palin and the Republicans.  As many Vedic astrologers attest, the Kala Sarpa time period can create much fated intensity in the world, setting off a critical time period in our lives.  Kala Sarpa means Time Serpent and indeed it seems that the Serpent’s destiny has slithered Palin into the politcal limelight.

2010 – 12

    A rather frightening scene appears in 2010.  The Summer of 2010 has already become much anticipated by astrologers as the most volatile, extreme season we’ve seen since the 60’s.  This is because of the T-square between Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus.  Recalling much of the revolutionary, radical energies of the 60’s, an incredible need for change on every level  (especially in the realm of energy and resource usage), with the simultaneous increase in military technology and aggression, the transit of Uranus in Aries sq. Pluto in Capricorn will be exact 6 times between the approaching years of pandemonium between 2010 and 2016.  But what makes that Summer of 2010 particularly intense, is the addition of the Saturnian status quo governmental structures at war with the people (Uranus) in a volatile, urgent need to transform (Pluto), all expanded, heightened, and increased with the addition of Jupiter.  The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction will be exactly conjunct Sarah Palin’s Venus in Aries in the Eighth house.  This transit will occur at the 0 degrees Aries point, an astrologically intense point which can bring fame to one who possesses it, because 0 degrees of Aries is the beginning of Spring and the beginning of the year.  Its sabian symbol is “A woman rising out of the ocean.”  Lynda Hill describes its shadow as follows: “Using Masculine power to overshadow the emotions or to entertain fear.  Refusing to move into a new state of being becuase one is held back by fears and old life patterns.  Falling back into previous, unsatisfactory conditions.  People dragging others backwards…”

    Venus in Aries is the Amazon warrior, the independent, fierce feminine.  Venus in the 8th house has no fear of violence, and is a goddess of the deep, dark, and occult, compulsively obsessed with large amounts of money and other people’s resources. With her Venus transited by Progressed Mars, shifting out of 30 years in peaceful Pisces into the first degree of War-General Aries, and crazy madman Jupiter/Uranus, the free radical, uncertain, shocking, extreme combo, the phrase “Get the f*** out of my way, don’t tell me what to do” may be a big understatement.  

    These 2010-2011 transits not only demonstrate the possible violent fear-state that could arise with her position of power, but they could also very much signal a possible ascent to the Presidency because of the leadership connotations of Aries being transited by the unforeseen circumstances of Uranus on that Venus and Progressed Mars.   It’s very hard to imagine this woman going away in the next four years with these transits.  Jupiter does not keep you hidden in any way.  You keep growing.  And by the way, 2010 is her Jupiter return, amping up her personal fortune as well as any indulgent or extreme tendencies.

Relocation over Washington D.C.

     First of all, the karmic points of destiny, the Moon’s nodes, blanket the D.C. area in both her Geodetic and Astrocartography lines.  In the Geodetic map, Palin’s North Node is on the IC, which can present the people around one as a kind of surrogate family.  Her North Node “Local Space Line” is very close to D.C., and signifies destiny playing a very strong role, as if meeting people one has known before.  (Remember our comment about Palin’s karmic, past-life connection to U.S. politics.  One can reap the rewards of past life actions or suffer karmic retriubution.  The nodes always signify a loss of something and a grasping towards, a relentless seeking.  In Palin’s case, that seeking or that loss will be profound, destructive, and massive, because of the parans (latitudinal crossing of planets) she has between Pluto and the Nodes and between Jupiter and the Nodes.  With the Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury influences here, there will be a lot of soapbox preaching, and much benefit from others who are in greater power than her or who have religious influence.   

    She has an astrocartography line of Ceres, the mother Goddess in a wide conjunction to the IC, the home or root of the chart, bringing a sense of abundance and belonging to her home.Palin’s closest planetary line to D.C. is an exact paran (latitude crossing) of the planet Pluto and the asteroid Pallas Athena.  Remember the reference to the Warrior-Competitor-Creative-Strategist Goddess before and couple that with the Plutonian urge to destroy, rebirth, transform, possess, and obsess.

    The name Sarah, means “princess” and the Welsh name Palin means “to serve”.  Interestingly, in her Geodetic chart, Palin has Jupiter on the Ascendant, a line which can make one appear as royalty, where people will roll out the red carpet for the Queen.  She also has the asteroid Vesta, associated with devotion and service, in a wide conjunction to her career angle of the Midheaven. Undoubtedly, even linguistically, Sarah Palin is intricately woven into the fabric of Washington D.C. and the fate of this nation as a whole.   

To be continued….

Your celestial servant,