The New Shred

We Played Together

Shredsomething started out in November of 2007 when a few dudes from Colorado decided to create a collective weblog using Google’s Blogger.  While it started out slow, by the summer of 2008 had around 50 users from different parts of the country.

Shredsomething was perhaps most beneficial to those like myself who are living outside of Colorado.

We are a group of people who enjoy thinking about what’s possible.  Many of our nights out whether it be parties, concerts, or camping trips end up in long conversations about where we are going.  We are young people, becoming adults, and trying to work together – as friends – to cultivate a vision for life which is not only enjoyable and sustainable, but atainable.

Shredsomething allowed us to share a very basic mindspace so that when we were able to reconvene physically, it was not so hard to catch up.  We all contributed whenever we felt like it, whether it was writings, news, stories, music, movies, etc…

The New Shred

Through the Resonance Project Foundation, I was able to learn about the Open Source Software movement.  Their IT Director is a huge proponent of open-source, meaning that people from all around the world contribute to the enhancement and cultivation of computer software.  This means everything from operating systems, applications, and information databases.

I soon found out that is an open source organization.  They offer their blogging software, which in my opinion is exponentially more creative and effective than Blogger, for free.  People all over the world in turn create their own themes, widgets, and plug-ins and again offer them free to the public.

There is even open-source art movements, like the website Jamendo.  Jamendo is a place for musical artists to post their work available free for download.  Much of open source works on donations.

There is a new type of consciousness emerging at this time in history, and there is a lot of talk about it.  Much of the discussion of shredsomething has been centered around this idea, but now the tools are emerging to let us engage in this consciousness evolution, more consciously.

As you will see, the main page will feature a wide-variety of content, not seen on most websites.  We can control this entirely.  By finding our important sources of information and subscribing to their RSS feeds, we will always have constantly updating information on shredsomething about topics we find most important and interesting.  If you don’t have much time to see what is happening in the world, and you just want a quick peek…your friends on shredsomething will have it taken care of – like having dinner ready when you get home.  On top of this it will be much better organized into set categories, and will provide information regarding the most popular and recently updated posts and comments.  And in of addition, will include a plethora organized links to other places on the web.

Of course, however, when you have the time we would love for you to contribute.  What makes the new shred interesting is that it can stand on its own as an interesting website, and then we can color it with our own work.

Personal Shreds

I want to encourage everybody to open up their own blog and start logging their journeys, internal and external, and also contribute collectively to shredsomething.  Getting to know the WordPress software is easy and enjoyable.  In this process I feel we can take this approach to learning and documenting our thoughts and experiences more consciously.  It will prove, I believe, to be a tremendous resource at some time, especially as well all start to navigate our way out of school and into the world.

I have started mine.  Don’t be afraid to start yours.  Your imagination is your limit.

Infinites within Finite Boundaries

This can be an exceptional project.  I ask everyone to feel pride in what we can accomplish here.  It can be like Reality Sandwich/Facebook/My Space amalgamation.

Think of it as our own newsletter, magazine that is completely dynamic, and unbridled in its capabilities.  The open-source movement is providing all the tools for anyone to become an exceptional multimedia artist.  Terence McKenna once said that to follow what is good and true is so difficult and slippery, but what is beautiful is easily discernible.  Beauty can push us forward.

And one last thing.  This is not the end.  In the next coming months we hope to open a where anyone from around the world can sign up.  If Facebook is like going to the mall, Shredsomething will be like heading to the festival.  I encourage you to tell your friends your family, and I will be sure to keep you all posted on the possibilities of this sacred online space.